Purchasing a new sewing machine is a costly endeavor. So, it’s important to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck. That’s why in this article, we’ll be giving you our opinion of this sewing machine, and even providing some reviews from other users as well to help you make your choice! This article includes an in-depth review, unboxing video, and full features overview.

However, if you don’t have time for all that, then we’ve also done a bite-sized review to give you the basics! The rating featured below includes both our opinion of the Baby Lock brilliant, and verified reviews from actual buyers of this sewing machine.

Babylock Brilliant Sewing Machine Reviews

The Baby Lock Brilliant earns 5/5 Stars from consumers.

The Baby Lock Brilliant is a fantastic machine. It’s plenty powerful enough to handle almost any task that the amateur seamstress or quilter can throw at it. Plus, you can easily adapt it to sew a variety of materials such as denim, stretch fabrics, and even leather.

The presser offers adequate space for bulky projects like jackets, or quilts, and it includes a variety of powerful and useful stitches built-in. This includes free motion quilting abilities, and includes tri-motion stitching for stretch and woven fabrics, which are difficult to get right on your own.

You can even create your own stitches though and save them to the computer! It’s tough to find a machine with this many features in this price range, and that’s likely why the Baby Lock brilliant has earned a 5/5 rating from both us, and pretty much everyone who purchases one. Click here to see the full features list, more reviews, and pricing for the Baby Lock brilliant Sewing Machine.

Baby Lock Brilliant Unboxing Video

Get the sewing machine in the video at this link.

Interested in learning more about this great sewing machine? Keep reading if you’d like to see our full features overview and buyer’s guide which includes more information about what is included with this machine, and what you’ll need to use it for leather sewing projects.

Babylock Brilliant Sewing Machine Reviews, Features, and Buyer’s Guide

The Babylock Brilliant has some great features, which includes a great dust-cover lid that keeps your machine safe from kiddos and nosey pets, like kitty cats! Let’s take a look at the inside of the machine.

The Baby Lock Brilliant labels everything for you, very convenient.

One thing we love about the baby lock is that everything is labeled! When you’re threading it you don’t have to dig out your instruction manuals, because everything is right there.

It’s very convenient, and a great feature that many other sewing machine manufacturers simply don’t think about.

Threading the machine is easy-peasy, and do you see that little lever on the side? It actually threads the needle for you, which is a great feature that makes things go much faster when using it. It also features a jam-proof bobbin, which is a lifesaver that stops the thread from getting caught around the hook.

At one time, you had to spend over $2,000 to get a lot of the features which are now present on the Babylock Brilliant. This machine is priced in a way that even the hobbyist seamstress or quilter can have professional sewing machine features at less than half the cost of one of those machines. Let’s take a look at those!

Babylock Brilliant Features Guide

Needle Up/Needle Down

At the press of a button, this feature allows you to raise the presser foot and adjust the fabric without it moving out of position. It’s a great feature that saves you a ton of time and mistakes. It can be useful for nearly any type of sewing from clothing to quilting, and it’s great to have.

Knee Lift

This machine also has a knee lift which operates the presser foot. This feature allows you to keep your hands on the fabric, which is very useful when your sewing something heavy like a big quilt or a jacket. While it may take some getting used to, it makes things much more efficient when you can work hands-free.

Stop and Cut buttons

The ‘stop’ button will stop the machine dead in its tracks, and it will actually tie a knot in the thread for you as well. You can then use the ‘scissor’ button to cut it. This is insanely useful, and it saves you a ton of work. You can also use the push button features for reverse sewing.

Programmable Stitches

The Babylock Brilliant comes pre-equipped with 190 different stitches, but what if that’s not enough? Don’t worry, because this cool little machine will actually allow you to program your own stitches! You can create your own combinations and save them into the machine’s memory for later use.

Full Baby Lock Brilliant Features list

  • 190 stitch patterns
  • 10 one-step Button hook styles
  • Automatic needle threading
  • Push Button Features
  • 60 days of free SEWED classes
  • Quick set drop-in bobbin
  • Hands-free presser foot knee lift
  • Programmable stitches
  • Quick-set Bobbin Winder
  • Built-in letter and number stitching

How Powerful Is The Babylock Brilliant?

This machine is quite powerful, and it will quickly eat through tough denim and other thick materials. The presser foot raises up high enough that you can easily hem jeans and work on other materials which would have difficulty fitting into other machines in the same price range. This makes the Baby Lock Brilliant an excellent machine for quilters. It also has tons of available stitches, and free motion quilting abilities.

Free motion quilting on the Baby Lock Brilliant

However, it also works well with more delicate knit fabrics. The Babylock Brilliant is an improvement over older machines, made when stretch fabrics were not as popular. This machine has settings specifically made for stretch fabrics that are now in fashion, which will allow the thread to stretch with the fabric and keep it from tearing out.

This allows you to easily sew cute and comfortable garments like sweaters, pull overs, briefs, and tee shirts in more comfortable and light fabrics than straight cotton. Plus, the included stitches allow you to do so with much less of a learning curve if you’re just getting started with sewing projects.

The tri-motion stitching featured here is insanely useful for a variety of projects. This makes the needle go backward and forward, creating a stitch which stretches on knits, and stops unraveling on woven fabrics. It’s one of the most useful and important features of a sewing machine, and you can spend a small fortune on a sewing machine which does not have this if you’re not careful. The Baby Lock Brilliant does.

Can You Use The Baby Lock Brilliant To Sew Leather?

Yes, you should be able to use this machine to sew leather, but you might need a few more accessories to get the job done! If you plan to use your Babylock Brilliant to sew things like leather jackets and tote bags, then make sure you also pick up these items.

Teflon or roller presser foot

A normal presser foot tends to get stuck on leather. Purchase a replacement teflon or roller presser foot to use with your machine for your leather projects. This will glide over the leather and make your job much easier.

Leather needles

Not all needles are created equally! Get a specialized leather needle which is made to pierce this particular material. Keep extras on hand in case you break one, leather is tough stuff!

Polyester or nylon thread

Don’t use cotton thread on leather projects. The tanins in the leather will erode the cotton and ruin your project. Pick up some nylon or polyester thread instead for leather projects.

So, Is The Baby Lock Brilliant A Good Sewing Machine?

In closing, the Babylock Brilliant is a fantastic machine. It’s plenty powerful to handle almost any task that the amateur seamstress or quilter can throw at it. You can easily adapt it to sew a variety of materials, such as denim, stretch fabrics, or leather, and it can easily accommodate bulky projects like quilts or jackets.

It includes all of the most needed stitches for every kind of fabric, and it even includes the ability to create your own stitches and add them to the computer memory. Letter and number stitching for personalizing your projects is also included, which is a big plus for me.

This makes the Baby Lock Brilliant a versatile work horse, with a 25 year warranty mind you, which will be a great addition for crafters, Etsy store owners, or homesteaders looking to learn practical sewing skills. It also comes at a great price that is affordable to at-home crafters as well.