About Us

Romney Ridge Farms & Crafts is an educational website intended to educate and provide free resources to help crafters! Sometimes this means we write how-to guides, or product selection help, and sometimes this means providing free embroidery designs, fabric calculators, and other resources to our visitors!

We are also really big into homesteading and are working to expand out content in that area as well. However, our biggest focus is on preserving skills which are quickly being lost: sewing, self-sufficiency, mending and repairs, gardening, etc.

We believe these are important to preserve for future generations, and we are doing what we can to make sure knowledge is passed down and that people learn how valuable and even fun these skills are!

Who Is Romney Ridge Farms & Crafts?

“For me, it started with trying to teach my kids about sewing. Then I realized that other people need to learn this stuff too! People who might not have anybody to teach them. So, Bob and I started the blog – writing about what we could when we had spare time. “

Tanya Womack, Editor

“More and more young people are becoming interested in homesteading. They want to be more involved with their food and where it comes from. That’s a beautiful thing to me, and I love writing about gardening, hobby farms, and other stuff I think helps others on their journey.”

Bob Womack, Contributor

“I learned to sew from a young age, but it’s just not something people learn these days. I think that’s a shame, and I’m happy to share that knowledge to preserve skills I think are important. Thanks to the internet, that’s very easy to do now and I’m glad to be a contributor at the RRF blog.”

Barb Koehler, Contributor