Baby Lock Zest Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

This Babylock Zest is an incredibly cost-effective sewing machine for those looking to take on simple projects. If you want to know if it’s for you, this in-depth Babylock Zest review might help. We’re impressed at the value this machine provides for the price.

We’ll be diving into the pros, cons, and features of the Babylock Zest. By the end of the article, you’ll be able to confidently make a decision.  

Not a fan of long reviews? We have a shorter version of this baby lock sewing machine review for you. You’ll get the information you want to make a well-informed decision. Let’s get started.

Babylock Zest Sewing Machine Reviews

baby lock zest sewing machine reviews
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The Babylock Zest is for you if you have a small budget and want a perfectly capable sewing machine that you can carry with ease. You can take this sewing machine anywhere you want, be it a sewing class, a club, or an event. And, it will smoothly handle any basic project.

The Babylock Zest has 15 built-in stitches; this allows you to craft unique and creative designs on your fabrics. It offers a four-step buttonhole, allowing you to create perfect-sized buttonholes.

Also, it would be easy to hem your pants, work on sleeves, and take on difficult projects thanks to the free arm that you can attach anytime. Moreover, you can adjust the length of your stitches, which means you can craft innovative stitch patterns yourself.

You also get a thread cutter that takes care of thread trimming, enabling you to concentrate on creativity. However, you don’t get an automatic needle threader with this machine and there is no way to control the speed of sewing. Though for the price, a reduction in features is to be expected.

All in all, the Babylock Zest offers great bang for your buck. It’s capable, portable, and lets you work on any basic sewing project. You can click here to read additional reviews for this machine, check availability, or compare prices.

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Babylock Zest In-Depth Review

The Babylock Zest offers everything a hobbyist would want at a price virtually anyone can afford. So, if you are low on budget and want a capable machine, this one is for you. It’s also easy to use, making it suitable for those who are not that experienced in the sewing field yet.

The sewing machine is equipped with 15 built-in stitches, so you can craft a variety of unique designs with it. Having built-in stitches is a time-saving feature as well. Not only that, but you can adjust the stitch lengths from 0 to 4 mm, allowing you to be more creative with your stitches.

What’s more, the Babylock Zest even comes with a free arm! You can just replace the flatbed with it. This allows you to hem pants, work on your sleeves, and stitch difficult-to-reach spots of fabrics. Plus, thanks to the machines light weight and carrying handle, it’s perfect to bring a long to sewing classes, clubs, church events, or other situations where you may need a portable machine to work on sight.

Moreover, the front-loading bobbin holds a lot of thread, allowing you to focus on your work without fretting about the thread running out. The Babylock Zest offers a four-step buttonhole as well. While it’s not as convenient as a one-step buttonhole would have been, you can stitch perfect-sized buttonholes fairly easily.

Video: A good overview of some of the Babylock Zest’s features

Plus, you are able to trim the thread easily with the convenient thread cutter on the machine. This allows you to focus on your work rather than wasting your time on this trivial activity. The built-in accessory storage also provides you space for everything you need to bring with you to sew.

In addition, the sewing machine also comes with a darning plate, preventing bunching and tugging of the fabric while stitching.

What’s more, even if you don’t have any experience with sewing and need guidance on how to get started, the extensive online resource by Babylock will help you. These include webinars, classes, and online instructional videos.

However, there is no automatic needle threader on this machine. Needle threading can be a pain, especially when you don’t have experience in it. But, given the price of the machine, one can let this drawback slide. It also does not offer speed control, or many other quality of life features, hence the reduced price.

That said, it’s a beginner-friendly, portable sewing machine at an incredibly low price point. Plus, it works smoothly. Though if you’re interested in machines with features like automatic tension and speed control, we do have a list of machines with those and some may fit your budget.


  • Easy to use
  • Carrying handle
  • Portable
  • Cheap
  • Free arm
  • Four-step buttonhole
  • 15 built-in stitches
  • Adjustable stitch lengths


  • No speed control
  • No automatic needle threader


The Babylock Zest is an ideal sewing machine for you if you are looking to take on basic projects. It’s portable, capable, and impressively low-priced. It’s a great option for those who just want to kickstart their sewing journey without having to invest a hefty amount in a sewing machine.

But, it won’t be an ideal choice for you if you want a sewing machine for advanced projects, as it only offers basic functionality. Likewise, if you want a machine with fancy features, this isn’t it.

BUT, despite the low price point, this machine is equipped with features that will make sewing a breeze for you. The most prominent ones include a thread cutter, a free arm, portability, adjustable stitch length, and a four-step buttonhole. Click here to check prices and availability for this machine.