Babylock Accomplish Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A sewing machine is a long-term investment; you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. But, with so many machines and models on the market that can be easier said than done! That’s why in today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at the excellent Babylock Accomplish.

By the end of this review you’ll know everything you need to about this machine. Including the features, benefits, drawbacks, and even some consumer reviews for this machine! However, If you don’t like reading lengthy reviews, we have a shorter version that gives the important bits as well!

The Babylock Accomplish Reviews

Babylock Accomplish Reviews
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The 1500 stitches per minute speed of the Babylock Accomplish allows you to work efficiently on your sewing projects, and it handles thick fabrics and multiple layers like a dream. Plus, the sewing machine is equipped with a needle threader and a thread cutter for a hassle-free experience.

In addition, the pin feed system ensures effective sewing on a variety of fabric thicknesses. You can take on big projects like quilting as it also comes with an extension table. Moreover, you can adjust the length of your stitches up to 7mm on the machine. However, you don’t get speed control and drop feed mechanisms.  

All in all though, the Babylock Accomplish offers a lot of premium features for a great price. It’s a quality machine that will last you a long time, and it can be used to work on a variety of projects, including quilting, bag making, and dress making. Click here to check prices, availability, and to read additional consumer reviews for this sewing machine.

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The Babylock Accomplish In-Depth Review

The Babylock Accomplish is packed with attractive features and has a very reasonable price point. You can also trust this machine with thick fabrics such as upholstery and costumes where less powerful sewing machines might give up on you.

This machine can confidently handle large quilts, purses, or other demanding projects, making it an all-around sewing solution for the ambitious crafter. The Accomplish is ready to handle pretty much anything you throw at it and it’s ready to do it in style.

Not only can it stitch thick fabrics, but you can go through your projects in no time with the blazing-fast 1500 stitches per minute speed. This is especially helpful for more experienced sewers; if you are relatively new at sewing, you can stitch at a lower speed though with the foot pedal.

What’s more, the machine is equipped with a detachable knee lift. With just a tap of your knee, you can raise the presser foot whenever you want to pivot the fabric. This handy feature allows you to work much quicker, especially on bulky projects which can be difficult to maneuver.

Video: Overview of the Babylock Accomplish, its features, and capabilities.

Additional quality of life features for this machine include an easy to access rotary hook bobbin, a built-in thread cutter, quick needle threading, needle up/down button, and a pin feed system, which allows you to stitch fabrics of varying thicknesses with ease. A pin under the fabric helps keep everything in position, providing you with better control and higher precision. 

There is also telescopic thread stand that seamlessly adjusts virtually any-sized thread spools. You can set the spool on it and work on your project without worrying about the thread delivery. Plus, If you work on bigger projects or are thinking of working on quilts in the future, the extension table of the Babylock Accomplish would be an asset for you.

The Baby Lock Accomplish’s extension table adds 23-3/8 inches of project space, giving you a large work area for quilts or other cumbersome projects. You can also adjust the length of the stitches up to 7 mm; this allows you to get more creative with your stitches.

However, the Babylock Accomplish doesn’t offer speed control, drop feed mechanism, or automatic thread tension. So, if these are features which you simply cannot live without, then check out our other baby lock sewing machine reviews to find a more suitable machine.

In short, the Babylock Accomplish has a lot to offer. Especially for people who are looking for an affordable and fast machine to work on costumes, quilts, dresses, purses and bags, or other heavy duty sewing projects. Click here to check prices and availability for this sewing machine.


  • 1500 stitches per minute
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Suitable for thick fabrics
  • Adjustable stitch width up to 7mm
  • Thread cutter
  • LED lighting
  • The precision pin feed system
  • Presser-foot lift (hands-free)
  • Included extension table


  • Doesn’t offer speed control
  • No drop feed mechanism


The Babylock Accomplish lets you “accomplish” virtually anything as far as sewing goes. You can stitch a variety of thicknesses at up to 1500 stitches per minute, and it comes with a number of fantastic quality of life features.

The included extension table lets you work on larger pieces of fabric with ease. And, the needle threader and thread cutter make your work easier. The Accomplish will work expertly on thick fabric stacks, the precision pin system handles all types of fabrics effectively.