Babylock Jubilant Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are reading this, you are probably considering the Babylock Jubilant sewing machine and aren’t sure if it’s for you or not. This review article will cover everything you need to know about this sewing machine to make an informed decision.

By the end of this article, you’ll know about its features, pros, cons, and what the customers think about it. We’ve also included additional consumer reviews to help you decide.

PS. If you prefer to read shorter reviews, the next portion provides you with a quick review of the Babylock Jubilant. You can also read our other baby lock sewing machine reviews to compare.

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Babylock Jubilant Reviews

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This sewing machine is versatile; you can take on projects like home décor, quilt piecing, and basic garments. The free arm with the machine lets you sew cuffs and difficult-to-access spots of your fabrics without hassle.

In short, the Babylock Jubilant is an inexpensive sewing machine with attractive features and a portable design. It’s lightweight, allowing you to carry it around with ease.  

Plus, with 80 built-in stitches and 8 one-step buttonholes, you can be creative with your projects without limits. And, with the automatic needle threader and thread cutter, you can focus more on creativity.

You also get a free arm with the machine. Use it whenever you need to hem, stitch cuffs, or sew difficult-to-access areas of fabrics. However, the Jubilant doesn’t offer an extension table and the thread tension is manual. Knowing this, we’d still recommend this as an excellent budget quilting and sewing machine.

If you want to get a deeper insight into its features, pros, and cons, keep reading for a detailed review. Or, read additional reviews from others who have bought this machine.

The Babylock Jubilant In-Depth Review

If you are in search of a cost-effective, portable sewing machine with all the features for a professional sewing experience, your quest should end here.

The Jubilant is a versatile sewing machine; it is ideal for projects like quilt piecing, basic garments, and home décor. Your creativity would be the only limit with it.

There is a total of 80 built-in stitches that you can use to get as creative as you want with your designs. And with 8 one-step buttonholes, stitching buttonholes will be a breeze for you. The buttonhole foot helps you craft perfect buttonholes effortlessly.

If you have ever manually threaded a needle, you would know how frustrating the near misses can be. You won’t have to worry about needle threading with this machine though. A few simple motions and the machine will be ready to get into the action.

Not only that, the Jubilant comes with an automatic thread cutter. It allows you to keep your focus on the project by taking care of thread trimming effectively.

Moreover, changing the bobbin is no hassle at all. You’ll just have to drop the bobbin in the hole and drag the thread through a slot. The sewing machine takes care of the rest of the work.

If you have tried hemming trousers or shirt sleeves before, you would know that these tasks aren’t easy without a free arm.

Video: Free motion quilting demonstration on the Baby Lock jubilant

Thankfully, the Babylock Jubilant comes with a free arm, allowing you to sew difficult-to-access areas of your fabrics. You’ll just have to attach the free arm after removing the flatbed. The Jubilant also has an LCD screen where you can quickly see the sewing information.

Plus, with the drop feed mechanism, you can easily create stitch patterns of your choice. The ability to lower the feed dogs with a switch allows you to take full control of the sewing process.

As far as speed is concerned, it offers 850 stitches per second; this is more than the average stitch speed you would find in sewing machines. So, while beginners can work on lower speeds, if you can handle high speeds, you can get through your projects faster.

You also get a built-in storage compartment with the machine where you can store your sewing accessories.

All in all, the machine is so easy to use that beginner sewers can become pro in no time, while enjoying it. Even if you don’t know anything about sewing, there are a lot of video tutorials online by Babylock to help you get started.  

And, you’ll be impressed with how cheap it is for the features it offers. For a sewing machine, it’s relatively quiet as well. In addition, it’s lightweight yet sturdy. You’ll be able to carry it around with ease and take it with you anywhere.

However, the Jubilant doesn’t come with an extension table, which could have been a great addition. Plus, it is missing a walking foot and doesn’t offer an automatic thread tension feature. But, these shouldn’t be a cause for concern or deal-breakers. It offers a great bang for the buck and we’d definitely recommend it.


  • Easy and fun to use and beginner-friendly
  • Easy-to-read LCD screen
  • 80 built-in stitch patterns
  • Great control with the drop feed mechanism
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Automatic thread cutter
  • The free arm allows sewing difficult-to-reach spots
  • 8 one-step buttonholes
  • Easy bobbin change
  • Lightweight, sturdy, and small


  • No extension table
  • Manual thread tension

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The Babylock Jubilant sewing machine is small and lightweight, which means you can take it anywhere you want conveniently. 

You won’t have to invest a lot in it either. It’s great for beginners; you’ll be able to learn as well as enjoy your sewing projects, even as a beginner.

There are many features that make this sewing machine a cost-effective option. For instance, the automatic needle threader and cutter allows easier workflows, letting you focus on creative tasks.

So, if you are on the lookout for a sewing machine that’s equipped with all the essential features and competes with higher-priced machines, the Babylock Jubilant is for you.