Bernette/Bernina Sewing Machines Prices

So, how much does a sewing/embroidery machine cost? In the case of Bernina, A LOT. Here are some Bernina Sewing Machines Prices.

Bernina Sewing Machines Prices

Bernina machines are reliable and capable – but they cost a small fortune! These prices come directly from Bernina, but keep in mind that dealer’s don’t list prices online, and DON’T sell them Berninas online. You’ll need to call each store to shop for prices.

Bernina Sewing Machines Price List

Bernina 880 PLUSSewing, Embroidery, Quilting$16,499
Bernina 790 PLUSSewing, Embroidery$12,999
Bernina 770 QE ESewing, Embroidery, Quilting$9,499
Bernina 770 QESewing, Quilting$6,999
Bernina 740Sewing, Quilting$5,999
Bernina 590Sewing, Embroidery, Quilting$8,199
Bernina 570 QE ESewing, Embroidery, Quilting$6,999
Bernina 570 QESewing, Quilting$5,399
Bernina 535Sewing$3,799
Bernina 535 ESewing, Embroidery$5,399
Bernina 480Sewing$3,149
Bernina 475 QESewing, Quilting$2,749

PS. Looking for something more affordable? Keep reading for our top picks from Bernina’s sister company Bernette!

Bernette – The Affordable Bernina Sewing Machine

Bernette sewing machines are manufactured by Bernina. They are the Bernina’s company’s budget friendly brand – which is still manufactured in Switzerland and come at an incredible value when compared to Bernina’s pricier machines. These machines are also sold online while the main Bernina machines are not and require you go through a local dealer or over the phone.

(Below is our Editor’s pick but keep reading for the full Bernette price list!)

Editor’s Pick – Our Favorite Bernette by Bernina Sewing Machine!

Bernette B77

The Bernette B77 is our editor’s pick! This fantastic sewing and quilting machine offers tons of great features, and sister company Bernette comes at a steep discount when compared to parent Bernina.

bernette sewing machine prices
The Bernette 77, made by Bernina, offers fantastic features at a much better price tag – $1,299

BUT, still offers the same quality and Swiss craftsmen-ship you’ve come to expect from them.

The best feature of this particular machine is that it is dual feed. This means that when engaged, it will help you to keep the fabric layers even. A useful feature for matching up patterns like plaid, or working with heavy fabrics which can get shifted during sewing.

bernette prices sewing and embroidery machines
The dual-feed can be engaged by simply moving it into place when needed.

It also stitches at a a swift 1,000 stitches per minute, but has a variable speed control – useful for detail work like applique where you need to slow down.

The B77 features features fantastic stitch quality, and the drop-in bobbin with clear door allows you to quickly change out thread, and easily see when it’s getting low.

This machine powers through layers of denim like butter, provides 9 inches of throat space, and the included touch screen allows you to completely customize your stitches for your projects, including length and width adjustments.

In short, the B77 does it all, and if you’re looking for a more affordable Bernina sewing machine – this is one you should definitely take a look at! While Bernette is Bernina’s affordable line – they have not skimped on features or quality. Click here to check availability and consumer reviews for the B77.

OR, keep reading to get a full price list and features comparison for other Bernette machines.

Bernette B70 Series Price List

Bernette B77Bernette B79Bernett 70 DECO
Needle Up/DownYESNOn/a
Speed ControlYES YESn/a
Adjustable Stitch LengthYESYESn/a
Throat Space9 Inches9 inches9 inches
Embroidery Sizen/a10″ x 6″10″ x 6″
Sew/EmbroiderySewing ONLYBOTHEmbroidery ONLY
Extension TableYESYESNO
Included Stitches165165n/a
Included Embroidery Designsn/a208208
Knee LiftYESYESn/a
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Bernette B30 Series Price List

Stitches Per Minute860700700820
Throat Space6.6″6.6″6.6″6.6″
Double NeedleNONONOYES
Extension TableNONOExtraYES
Thread CutterManualManualNOAutomatic
Needle ThreaderSemi-AutoManualNOBuilt-In
Included Feet5758
Included Stitches152350394
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Other Bernette Model Prices

Bernette 05 AcademyBernette Sew & Go
Stitches Per Minute1,100750
Speed ControlYESNO
Adjustable Foot PressureYESNO
Extension TableYESNO
Retractable Feed DogsYESNO
Lycra Stitch (Stretch)YESNO
Blanket StitchYESNO
Included Stitches3010
Included Feet124
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In short, Bernina makes fantastic machines but many of them are outside the budget of most home sewists. They seem to be well ware of this, and so they launched the Bernette line to make quality Swiss made sewing machines more affordable for the average home sewing machine users.

So, if a Bernina is not within your price range – make sure to check out the Bernette lines! These machines are very dependable and capable without breaking the bank.