Best Brother Sewing Machine That Embroiders

A sewing machine is a serious investment and most people understandably don’t want to double the price of that investment by purchasing two machines. The good news is that there are lots of great dual-purpose machines out there that can both sew and embroider!

That’s why in this article, we’ll be talking about our favorite brother sewing machines that embroiders as well to save you some money and help you expand your crafting repertoire. Being able to embroider as well as sew opens up a lot of customization options for your projects, or even home business opportunities!

However, while a combination embroidery/sewing machine is cheaper and convenient, it does come with the annoyance of having to change out thread colors. If you’re prefer not to do that, look into a multi-needle embroidery machine instead.

Top Brother Sewing Machines That Embroider As Well As Sew

Our top pick for people looking for a brother sewing machine that embroiders as well as sews is for the Brother LB5000. This great little combination machines is one of the most affordable ways to get started with embroidery!

There are actually a couple different models of this machine, and the main difference is that each one comes with different embroidery designs.

For example, the LB5000S comes with Star Wars Designs, and the LB5000M comes with Marvel super hero designs you can add to your projects. For example the LB5000M machine comes with 3 Avenger character face plates, a Marvel logo face plate to customize the appearance of your machine. (So if you don’t want your machine to have super heroes or Star Wars characters on it, you can take them off.)

However, It also comes with 10 Marvel embroidery designs, and 10 super hero related designs for you to use in your projects, like the Captain America one shown below. These are pretty pricey, so it’s nice to have them.

The LB5000S will come with the same number of designs, but they will be Star Wars themed instead.

Pictured: Embroidering a Captain America design on the Brother LB5000M

These machines also come with 80 other built-in embroidery designs like alphabets, borders, floral designs, kids designs, etc. for you to create with as well. However, if that’s not enough, the machine also allows you to import your own designs through the included USB port!

This machine also includes some great quality of life features, especially for the low price point. Some of these features include needle up/down, speed control, an automatic thread cutter, a drag and drop editor for embroidery designs and more excellent features.

So, what’s not great about the machine? Well, while this machine will be perfect for embroidering on light items like t-shirts, it may not handle thicker fabrics well. The work area is also a bit small when compared to other machines, but for the price, it simply can’t be beat. Click here to check prices, availability, and read additional consumer reviews for this machine.

Key Features For The Brother LB500M/LB5000S

  • Speed Control
  • 80+ Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • 103 Built-In Stiches
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Lots Of Feet & Accessories
  • Automatic Bobbin Winder
  • 3.2 Inch LCD Screen
  • Upload Custom Designs With USB
  • 4×4 Embroidery Area
  • 710 Stitches Per Minute
  • Work Area Is A Bit Small
  • Not Great For Heavy Fabrics
  • Free Motion Capable
  • Needle Up/Down
  • Drag & Drop Embroidery Editor
  • 6.4″ w x 4.1″ h needle-to-arm space
The NQ3600D offers a lot more features, but costs a good bit more as well.

Looking for an embroidery/sewing combo machine that’s a little more serious?

The Brother NQ3600D may be for you. This machine is a serious step-up from the LB5000, and it has fancy features to match the much higher price tag that comes with it.

For starters, it features a much larger 6×10 embroidery area, giving you more freedom with your designs. It also has a much larger work area, making it much, much easier to work on bigger projects like quilts. The throat space is 8.3″ from needle to arm.

This machine also comes with a lot more designs than the first machine on our list, and if you purchase this brother embroidery/sewing machine combo you’ll get 223 built-in embroidery designs, including 35 Disney designs, 291 built-in stitches, 10 one-step button holes, 11 embroidery fonts, and more.

It also features a large 4.85″ color LCD where you can select your designs and also use the on-screen editor. This allows you to combine designs, add lettering, resize, rotate, etc.

However, you can also use it to create custom stitches for your projects. This is an embroidery machine that connects to computer as well, allowing you to upload your own custom designs, or designs you’ve purchased from other sources.

If you purchase the machine from this link, you’ll also get a free $130 Disney thread kit for your designs, and a coupon for $15 off additional embroidery design purchases at Brother’s design website.

Key Features of The Brother NQ3600D

  • Large 6×10 Embroidery Area
  • 4.85″ color LCD Screen
  • 223 Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • 201 Built-In Stiches
  • 11 Embroidery Fonts
  • Make & Save Custom Stitches
  • Lots Of Included Accessories
  • Free Motion Capabilities
  • Upload Custom Designs With USB
  • On-Screen Editor
  • Large throat for quilting
  • Automatic Thread Cutting Feed
  • Automatic Height Adjustment
  • 850 Stitches Per Minute
  • Quick Set Bobbin
  • Thread/Bobbin Sensors

Brother SE600$499

The Brother SE600 has a lot to offer, especially for the price. Though the embroidery space is not as generous as the pricier NQ3600D, it’s perfect for projects like monogramming or pocket designs.

This machine’s embroidery quality is quite good, and it seems to do a bit better at handling thicker fabrics, like denim, than the LB5000 does.

This machine also runs very quiet, which is nice, and it has LED lighting, which seems to be missing on the LB500M/S model.

However, for the most part, this machine seems to be almost identical to LB5000M and LB5000S. Though you will not get the extra embroidery designs included with those two machines. Click here to check prices, availability, and read consumer reviews for this embroidery/sewing combo machine.

Key Featured Of The Brother SE600

  • 4×4 Embroidery Area
  • 3.2 Inch LCD
  • 80 Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • Upload Your Own Designs Via USB
  • 710 Stitches Per Minute
  • LED Lighting
  • Speed Control
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • 103 Built-In Stitches
  • 6.4″ w x 4.1″ h needle-to-arm space
  • Automatic Needle Threading System
  • Needle Up/Down
  • Quick Set Bobbin
  • Start/Stop Buttons

Brother SE1900$999

The Brother SE1900 sewing and embroidery machine offers a good middle-ground when it comes to price and capabilities.

With this machine you’ll get a 5×7 embroidery area to work with and 7.4″ wide x 4.1″ worth of throat space, making it a decent size for larger projects like quilting.

This machine also comes with pretty much every feature under the sun. You can take advantage of the automatic needle threader and thread cutter, or the automatic tension feature for a smoother sewing experience. However, it also has the ability to do reverse stitches, and the thread sensor will let you know when your spool is about to run dry, or when you need to change out a color for your embroidery project. It also sews sideways and backwards, which is pretty darn cool.

You’ll also get a knee lift, a free arm, foot pedal, speed control, and tons of accessories for the machine. So, what’s not to love about it? Despite this being a pretty great combo machine, it’s still not the strongest machine around. So, it may not handle heavy duty fabrics as well as you’d like. Click here to check prices, availability, and reviews from other consumers for this machine.

PS. make sure you get the Brother SE1900 vs PE800, because the 800 ONLY does embroidery.

Key Features of The Brother SE1900

  • 3.2″ LCD Screen
  • 138 Built-In Embroidery Designs
  • 240 Built-In Stitches
  • Import Your Own Designs With USB
  • Drag & Drop Editor
  • 7 Feed Dog Points
  • LED Lighting
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Knee Lift
  • 7.4″ wide x 4.1″ Throat Space
  • 850 Stitches Per Minute
  • Needle Up/Down
  • Start/Stop Buttons
  • Quick-Set Bobbin
  • Thread Sensors
  • Design Custom Stitches
  • Free Motion Capable
  • Free Arm