Cheapest Type of House To Build Per Square Foot

Building a house can be an expensive and frustrating experience, but there are some ways to bring costs down. The first, of course, being that not all home types cost the same to build! The cheapest house per square foot are modular homes starting at $50/sqft.

These homes are actually built off-site and then shipped and assembled on your lot like lego blocks! There are a lot of options here and it’s not the same as a mobile home. A modular home will be assembled using the same materials as a “stick built house” (one that is built on site).

The only difference is that by building the home in a controlled environment things get done much faster – taking as little as 30 days. While a modular home has its own challenges it’s something to consider if you’re on a tight budget.

However, if you’d prefer a home built on site in the traditional manner, a ranch style home is the cheapest at around $150/sqft. Still looking for ways to save cash? Here’s how to shave extra money off your build price.

Opt For Wood or Vinyl Siding

While not as impressive as a brick exterior, it is significantly cheaper. Opting for wood siding in-particular is a great way to save money on your build and as long as you keep it painted and protected it will last for a long, long time.

Pick Simple Shapes

Choosing a one-story square or rectangle shaped house will be the cheapest to build. These shapes are simple to put together and require less labor. With labor being the largest cost of your build, it makes sense to sacrifice here to save some money and have your home done faster.

Pick A Simple Roof With one Pitch

Fancy roofs with all kinds of twists and turns cost money. It’s slower to build them and by choosing a simple roof you’ll save a lot of money per sqft on your build.

Extras Add Up Quick

Don’t forget about the extras! What can you live without on the interior of your home? Pricey fixtures and flooring add up quickly and opting for something a bit cheaper like vinyl planks over solid wood, or cheaper cabinets will save you a lot of money. Ask yourself what’s really important to you and eliminate things from there.

Opt For Pre-Made Plans Over Custom

Custom plans will always be more. Choosing a design which the builder already has on hand will save you money as they are already prepared and have everything in place to build it. While not as exciting as a custom home, it’s an easy way to shave down your costs.

PS. Don’t forget about the other costs of building a house! Land clearing, grading, foundation work, driveways, septic tanks, well drilling, etc. are typically not included in your build price.