Do Duck Eggs Taste Like Chicken Eggs?

Duck eggs taste like chicken eggs – but better!! There’s definitely a reason that the demand for duck eggs is so high and it’s because once people taste them they keep coming back for more.

In addition to being about 50% larger than your typical chicken egg, duck eggs also have a lot more flavor. The yolks are richer and creamy, and many people describe them as “buttery”.

Duck eggs are also a fantastic find for bakers. That’s because when you use duck eggs in a recipe the final result comes out rich and delicious when compared to chicken eggs thanks to additional fat content. This makes them a wonderful choice for light, fluffy, delicious pastries.

However, even if you just want to eat them fried up for breakfast they are a welcome addition to the table. (Try some duck egg omelettes with Gruyère cheese one morning for a treat!)

Eggs from ducks also tend to be higher in nutrients and tend to be easier to digest for people who have sensitivities to eggs – making them a great substitute. Ducks also tend to be a bit quieter than chickens, making them ideal candidates for backyard flock owners. (Muscovy ducks don’t even quack, but instead make a cute hissing noise.)

A single Pekin duck can lay up to 200 eggs per year (they are super cute and friendly pets too!) This makes them a great addition to your backyard that most neighbors won’t complain about.