Here’s Where To Get 100s Of Free SVG Files For T Shirts!

Free SVG Files For T Shirts

Making t-shirts is lots of fun, and if you’ve been looking for some new free SVG files for T Shirts and clothing making – you’re in luck! I’ve been browsing the web for free SVG files lately, and I’ve been compiling them into a big list.

Note: The below list of SVG files are free for personal use. Not all are cleared for commercial use, but some are. Make sure to check the license agreement before selling any designs!

PS. If you need free SVG files for commercial use (Etsy shop) check this article!

Free SVG Files For T Shirts to Download

Romney Ridge Farms & Crafts SVG Design Library

We’re working on growing our own FREE SVG Design t-shirt design library for you! Download ready to sell designs in our free download SVG library you can press yourself or sell on Print On Demand sites!

Above you’ll see a sample of some of our designs – click on a design to go to the download page.

Visit our design library to see all our FREE SVG downloads

Creative Fabrica

free svgs files for t shirts

I LOVE Creative Fabrica! They have so many great free designs for everything you could ever want – including SVGs! I use their assets a lot to create stuff for my business because everything there comes with a commercial license. You can make shirts yourself, use Print On Demand, or you can even use them to create new digital files!

They also have a really affordable subscription which gives you access to even MORE great design assets.

Click here to see their free SVGs.

Hello SVG

free t shirt svg sites

Hello SVG has pages and pages of free SVG designs for all interests and occasions. Commercial use is allowed, with some stipulations. It is granted to small businesses only which are selling 500 or fewer products featuring the designs.

You also can not sell the designs as digital products, even if you modify them. They are for physical products (like t-shirts) ONLY. Click here to see the designs.

DIY Vacation Shirts

free t-shirt svg

This site offers a lot of Disney-themed SVG cut files. Be aware that even if a creator grants you a license to use their design, it does not mean you can sell it.

Most of these shirts feature trademarked characters and Disney is aggressive about its IP. Be warned that if you try to sell them on platforms like Etsy or TSpring your account could be shut down. Click here to see the designs.

Perfectly Stylish Cuts

This creator has a lot of cute SVGs for your projects. Some are Disney-themed, but there are also others that aren’t which you are allowed to sell in your Etsy shop.

But, you are not allowed to mass produce them, and you can’t upload them to POD platforms. Click here to see the designs.

Ruffles and Rainboots

This site has a lot of cute SVGs and they can also be used for commercial purposes in your Etsy shop. There are both design elements and complete t-shirt designs here.

However, you can’t upload these items to Print On Demand sites, and you can’t use them to create new digital files for sale. Click here to see the designs.

The Design Hippo

Design Hippo has lots of cute designs for shirts, tumblers, and tons more stuff. They also offer a commercial SVG use license for small businesses.

Their license says you can sell 200 items using their designs, but they must be made “in-house”. That means no Print on Demand uploading.

You’re also not allowed to sell or re-distribute any digital files using their work. Click here to see the designs.

Cutting For Business

This site has pages and pages of SVGs and their free commercial license is generous! Their only restrictions are that your business must have less than 5 employees, you can’t upload them to Print on Demand sites, and you can’t re-sell the digital files in any form. See the designs here.

Crunchy Pickle

Crunchy Pickle’s design assortment Their commercial use license allows you to sell up to 500 physical items. However, selling digital copies, even altered ones, and Print on Demand use is not allowed. See their designs here.

Design Bundles

Design Bundles features tons of free t-shirt designs from different creators. Their design license is also less restrictive, and you’re allowed to sell free designs on shirts, mugs, etc. without limitation.

You can also use their design assets to make new designs for sale as Print on Demand products or digital products. Some designs do require a “POD add-on” though, so read carefully! Click here to see the designs.

I Should Be Mopping The Floor

This creator has lots of great free SVGs for all occasions, but they are for personal use only.

If you’d like to use them in your shop though, you can purchase a commercial license for a design for $10. Click here to see the freebies.

Caluya Design

You’ll find tons of great free designs for shirts here, but they are also for personal use only. However, they have an easy license set up that will allow you to purchase a license for POD or Etsy store use. Click here to see the free designs.

and there’s even MORE where that came from! You can also try these sites.

Pineapple Paper Co


Happy Crafters

Brooklyn Berry Designs

Craft House SVG

That’s What Che Said

A Girl and A Glue Gun

Happiness Is Homemade


Artsy Fartsy Mama

Well, that’s our list! I hope you found the perfect design for your t-shirt project. If not though, we’ve got another big list of 50+ free download SVG file sites you can thumb through to make something entirely your own!!