How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Texas? (How To Price Your Solar System)

Many people are looking to start generating their own power, especially after the southern snow-pacalypse! The good news is, Texas is one of the best locations for generating solar energy. The state is in a location that gets a good deal of sun exposure, making it more efficient and cheaper to install solar panels than in North Eastern areas of the country.

On average, the typical American home uses around 10,649kwh of energy per year. That puts the range for professionally install solar system at $9,255 – $28,000. This discrepancy partially comes from cost of living differences, but it’s also due to some locations needing less panels!

When you don’t get enough sunlight hours your panels are less efficient. That means you need more panels in order to generate the same amount of power as more ideal locations. In the case of Texas, the average home will likely need 22 panels verses a whopping 37 panels for Michigan!

The average cost for solar panels in Texas is around $12,000 after the 26% federal tax credit. Which is pretty good when compared to other locations in the United States, like the North East which doesn’t get nearly as much in the way of quality sunlight hours. However, your mileage may vary, here’s why.

Many people ask questions like “What’s the cost for solar panels on a 3 bedroom house?“. Unfortunately, this query will not provide an answer. That’s because solar panels are NOT priced based on the square footage of your house. They are based on your own energy consumption.

While we’ve provided an average as seen above, it’s important for you to find out your individual energy needs. This is easy enough to do and your current power bill will tell you everything you need to know!

This information will not only allow you to properly price shop for solar panel installation in your area, but you can also use it to monitor and make changes which will consume less energy.

Less required energy means less panels and you may want to look at ways you can reduce your needs to make affording a solar system cheaper. Even simple things like putting up a bit of insulation in key places, re-sealing doors, and adjusting your water heater can make a big difference.