When Do Barred Rocks Start Laying (And What To Do If They Aren’t!)

The barred rock is a beautiful, heritage chicken breed that are not only excellent and reliable layers, but also a timeless classic in American history since the 1800’s. They’re excellent birds to start your backyard flock or homestead, and they even offer a great opportunity for meat production. But, when can you expect eggs from your birds?

When Do Barred Rocks Start Laying Eggs?

Barred rocks start laying at around 20 weeks of age and will produce 200 or so eggs per year. They are a hardy dual-purpose breed which produces brown eggs and can also be a valuable addition to a homestead for meat production, should you so choose.

when do barred rocks start laying eggs
The average Barred Rock laying age is 18-20 weeks.

Though if you aren’t into eating your chickens, they have a sweet, calm, and docile personality that makes them exceptional pets. These friendly birds will happily follow you around for treats and they’re great guests around the garden if you live on a smaller lot and don’t have acreage.

What If My Barred Rocks Don’t Lay At 20 Weeks?

If you’ve been waiting patiently but still haven’t gotten any eggs, there are a few things you can try. Though you should keep in mind that some chickens may take a bit longer to mature than others. So if it’s 20 weeks on the dot, you may want to give them a bit of time. Though if they are far beyond this, try these solutions.

Reduce Stress In and Around The Coop

Animals that are stressed don’t participate in normal behaviors like breeding and egg laying. Make sure that your hens feel comfortable and safe. This could mean fortifying your pens to protect them from predators, keeping your dogs or kids from harassing them, adding more privacy in exposed parts of their habitat, or making sure that they are not too hot or too cold.

Happy chickens are productive chickens! So, make sure that they feel safe and comfortable and they’ll reward you with lots of tasty eggs.

Make Sure They Are Getting Proper Nutrients

Laying eggs is hard on the body! The process of egg laying saps nutrients from your chicken’s bodies to lay eggs, and you need to make sure that you are providing everything your chickens need to make the process successful.

Lack of nutrients can lead to lower egg production, or even no egg production at all! Offering them a higher protein layer mix is a good way to start, but you should also offer them calcium, as this can impact quantity and quality of eggs as well.

If it’s possible to free range your chickens, this can help too! They’ll happily scratch around, plucking creepy crawlies from your garden and feasting on slugs, ticks, fleas, and other uninvited creatures.

Are You SURE You Don’t Have Any Eggs?

Chickens can be quite sneaky! Most backyard chicken owners free range their birds and that means they have lots of time to find hiding places. Look for dark, quiet areas where your chickens could be sneaking off to to hunt for their hidden nests of eggs.

In closing, the Barred Rock is a great beginner homestead animal. These birds are friendly, low maintenance, and they’re great if you need a dual-purpose breed to maximize food production for your small plot.