Where To Find Used Long Arm Quilting Machines For Sale

Where To Find Used Long Arm Quilting Machines For Sale

While large throat sewing machines for quilting are great – they’re nothing like a true long arm! Unfortunately, long arm quilting machines are also really, really expensive!

The good news is, picking up a refurbished or used machine can save you thousands of dollars. BUT, where do you go to look for them? If you haven’t got a local shop that stocks refurbished – here are some ideas!

Factory Refurbished (Online Dealers)

If you buy a used machine from an individual it can be hard to tell what condition it’s in until it’s too late! But, with a factory refurbish you usually get a warranty and support. Sewing Machines Plus inspects and services all their used machines – AND gives you a 1 year warranty.

Refurbished Long-Arm Quilting Machines For Sale

Here are the factory serviced long arm quilting machines currently available at Sewing Machines Plus. I’ll try to update this article when they add new ones to the refurbished category.

Qnique 15R or 15 Pro (Factory Refurbished)

The 15R is one of Grace’s more affordable long arm quilting machines – and it gets even more affordable used! This fantastic long-arm quilting machine offers several different modes of operation including: manual, regulated precise, regulated cruise, and baste – depending on your preferences and project type, and you can easily switch between modes with a few button clicks.

This machine has a 15 inch throat – which is plenty big enough for most people’s needs.

Used Long Arm Quilting Machines For Sale
Refurbished 15R and 15R PRO offer great value in used long arm machines.

The 15R and 15R Pro are mostly the same, but there are a few key differences:

  • The Pro’s motor is more powerful
  • The Pro stitches 2,000 SPM vs the 15R’s 1,800 SPM
  • The Pro includes a touch screen, and the 15R is a normal LCD screen

If you’d like to have the PRO version, a refurbished one will cost you about $500 more than the 15R. It’s up to you whether the features are worth the added price, but either way – Click here to see pricing and availability for the Qnique 15R & 15R PRO models.

Q’nique 19 (Factory Refurbished)

Looking for something a little bigger? The Q’nique 19 offers a larger 19 inch throat space area. As well, as offering a “home machine” feel with all the benefits of a long-arm quilting machine.

refurbished long arm quilting machines for sale

This machine matching the 15R PRO’s 2,000 SPM, but it’s also very light-weight and sleek. That makes it a great choice if space is limited for you.

The handles are also highly adjustable, making the machine very comfortable to use, and it has the same easy to use touch screen as the 15 PRO. Click here to check prices and availability for Q’nique 19 (used).

Qnique 21 or 21 PRO (Factory Refurbished)

The Qnique 21 and 21 PRO have, yes, you guessed it! A whopping 21 inches of throat space. If you’re serious about having a machine with maximum throat space – this one is it. This added space provides for much bigger quilting blocks than the 15R.

where to buy used long arm quilting machines

It’s also the smoothest and quietest machine in the Q’nique line up. It also features a position-able hopping foot, bright work lights, and an automatic bobbin winder for convenience.

Just like the 15R, there’s a lot that’s the same about the 21 and 21PRO, but a few major differences:

  • The PRO works at 2,600 SPM vs 1,800 for the standard 21
  • Improved, larger touch screen for easier viewing
  • Bobbin estimator to keep you from running out of thread
  • Adjustable handles
  • Can set a minimum cruise speed

If you’d like the PRO version, it’ll cost you around $1,000 more than the standard version. In either case, click here to check prices and availability for both the standard and PRO used machines.

At the time of writing, these were the available long-arms on Sewing Machines Plus, but I’ll try to update this list when they have other models available. Though if these don’t fit your needs they also offer some really good pricing on newer models and have financing options available too.


Believe it or not, you can get sewing machines on Amazon sometimes. The inventory is limited though, because they are listed by sewing machine dealers looking to expand access to their inventory.

But, there are some available, and sometimes you can get a nice price if you look for a used item. You can try searching for “long arm quilting machines” and click “USED” on the left-hand side.

Here’s a Q’Nique with refurbished options. Look under the product details and click on “new and used” to see vendors offering used inventory for sale on Amazon.


If you’re really patient and you know how to spot a lemon – Craigslist can be a great way to get a great deal on a long-arm quilting machine. However, these machines aren’t super common – So, it could take quite a bit of waiting for one to pop up in your area.

Though, if you are willing to drive a ways to pick it up – you could also use a “search all of Craigslist site” to shop all of Craigslist within your state or metro area – giving you more results. BUT a lot more junk to filter through.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become very popular for buying used stuff now. You can get all kinds of things people are looking to get rid of, and if you’re lucky – you might even score a deal on a used long arm sewing machine if you’re willing to check often.


If your area does not have a lot of options for sewing stores selling used machines, or people offering them up on Craigslist, then Ebay is always an option. Similar to Craigslist, you’ll likely need to be patient and know what you’re looking for here.

However, Ebay is pretty good about making sure you get what you pay for. So, if there are any problems a quick email with photo evidence sent to the company can get your money back if somebody mails you something which is not what was agreed upon.

Ebay won’t likely be as good of a deal as other sites though, as there is LOTS of competition there for people looking to buy the machines for themselves, or even to resell! Patience is key to good deals.

In closing, finding a used long arm machine can be challenging.. but if you’re patient – you can save a lot of money. Remembering to search every day will help you secure the best deals – because you need to jump on them quickly to get these deals. Happy hunting!

By Barb Koehler

Barbie Koehler learned to love sewing from a young age in home economics. Though only recently did she decide to start blogging about that experience. She loves quilting, and spending free weekends at the lake with her grand kids.