15 Free Knitted Hat Patterns On Circular Needles

Free Knitted Hat Patterns On Circular Needles

Circular needles help you avoid to avoid putting unnecessary strain on your wrists when working with heavy garments. However, while they are great for big pieces, they are also good for knitting smaller things like hats!

That’s why in today’s article, we’ll be sharing the best knitted hat patterns we’ve found for circular needles.

Georgia Tam

free patterns for circular needles

This colorful, retro looking knit hat from Marie Wallan and LoveCrafts is beautiful. I love the fun colors, and you can get the pattern and materials list for it here.

Marshmallow Fluff Chunky Hat

circular needle hat patterns free

A super cute hat pattern for circular needles with a little poof ball from Dianne at HipCreative! I also love the name she gave it. You can get the pattern, materials, instructions (including a video!) at her blog.

Ribbed Beanie

Free Knitted Hat Patterns On Circular Needles

This cute and easy to make ribbed beanie from Spruce Crafts is a great project to try if you’re new to working with circular needles, or knitting in general. Get the tutorial and pattern here.

Snowy Cable Hat

free knitted hat patterns circular needles

Crazy Hand’s snowy cable knit hat is a great addition to your winter wardrobe. This cute pattern looks professional, and they have full instructions at their blog. Click here for the tutorial and pattern.

Alex Hat

unisex knitted hat patterns free

From Knitting with Chopsticks, this unisex knitted hat pattern looks great on anybody! You can get the instructions and the free knitting pattern by visiting their blog.

Waycross Hat

A cute knitted hat with a pattern, by Balls To The Walls Knits. However, this one actually uses one circular needle, and then a set of double pointed. Click here to see the instructions for this hat.

One Evening Hat

Knitting with Chopsticks makes the list again! This time for their “one evening hat” – which is a hat you can knit in, you guessed it! One evening. It’s a last minute circular needle knitting pattern you can put together as a quick gift for a friend. Click here to get the pattern.

Aurora Borealis Beret

This one is, technically, another multi-needle project, but it’s so cute I had to include it! It’s a fabulous multi-color beret, which is a bit more unusual. Click here to see the pattern and materials list.

Bird Tracks Beanie

This knitted beanie uses circular needles, and achieves a very nice patterning. I also like the color contrast chosen! Click here to get the instructions and pattern.

Simple Fuzzy Knit Hat

This cute fur hat is made using Lion Brand’s “pelt” faux fur yarn, and they released this free pattern to advertise it. It’s a cute and easy to make hat. Get the instructions and materials list here!

Destroyed Slouch Beanie

This beanie by Codi Hudnall is great for your grunge look. This pattern actually works for either circular or double point needles. Click here to get the instructions and pattern.

Striped Baby Hat

Cute, in the round striped baby hat pattern made with circular needles. Click here to get the pattern, materials list and instructions.

Bright Fade Beanie

A colorful and fun knit hat pattern that uses only circular needles. Click here to get the pattern and materials list for this hat.

Boreal Baby Hat

Cute pop pom hat pattern for babies. A bit tougher than a straight beginner pattern, but still do-able if you are working on your skills. Click here to get the pattern and materials list!

Easy Striped Rolled Brim Beanie

Super simple circular needle hat pattern that uses a single skein of yarn! If you are brand new to knitting, this is a good place to start. Click here to get the instructions and material list.

By Barb Koehler

Barbie Koehler learned to love sewing from a young age in home economics. Though only recently did she decide to start blogging about that experience. She loves quilting, and spending free weekends at the lake with her grand kids.