7 Embroidery machine with largest hoop size

Want the embroidery machine with the largest hoop for your projects? Of course you do! Unfortunately, the larger the hoop, the pricier the machine. The good news is there are some great machines out there that offer a nice compromise between hoop size and price. Here are our top picks!

Embroidery machine with largest hoop

Single Needle Machines

These are single-needle home user machines with the largest embroidery field and hoop size.

Janome Memory Craft 14000 – $6,499

If embroidery area is your goal, then the Janome Memory Craft 14000 is your dream machine. It offers a huge 11.8″ x 9.1″ embroidery area for you to work with. However, it’s pretty pricey.

That’s because the Memory Craft 14000 is not just an embroidery machine. It’s also a sewing and quilting machine, and adding in all those features really runs up the price! (Though still not as pricey as the MC15000)

In addition to the large embroidery field, you’ll also get hundreds of built-in embroidery designs and stitches, monogramming function, AcuFil software for quilt stippling, and the AcuFeed flex feature, which perfectly guides your top and bottom fabric for precise sewing control.

The machine has a dizzying number of features, and if you’re into both quilting and embroidery it’s honestly a great machine. However, if you won’t use the sewing features – it’s not the best pick.

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Baby Lock Pathfinder – $4,299

With an 8″ x 12″ embroidery area and a much more palatable price tag, the Baby Lock Pathfinder could be a serious contender if you need an embroidery machine with the largest hoop size you can find.

This machine also has some premium (and very cool!) features that include a laser pointer on the embroidery foot, allowing you to precisely place your designs on the fabric. You’ll also get tons of lighting for visibility, and a cool sensor pen that you can use to tell the machine precisely where you want the design to be placed.

This machine will also cut jump stitches for you, automatic thread sensors and tension settings, and more great quality of life features.

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Bernette 70 DECO – $1,699

If the first two machines were outside your budget, then you may be interested in the Bernette 70 Deco. This budget-friendly machine has a surprisingly large embroidery area of 10.2″ x 6.2″.

bernette deco 70 embroidery machine with largest hoop under $2000

That’s honestly huge for a machine in this price range, and while Bernette doesn’t seem to have the same brand power as Brother, it’s a very capable and reliable machine.

It also has some very nice features, including upper and lower thread sensors and includes the Bernina toolbox embroidery software for lettering for free. (This is not a full custom embroidery digitizing software suite though.)

In addition the Bernette 70 Deco is easy to use, smooth running, and a great machine for beginners. It’s only cons are it’s a bit slower than some other machines at 800SPM, and the needle threader is a bit tricky to learn. However, none of these are deal breakers, and the 70 DECO is a fantastic machine at a great price point.

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PS. Bernette also makes the Bernette B79, which includes sewing features too for a bit more money if you need them.

Janome 500E – $2,399

With a 7.9″ x 11″ embroidery area, the Janome 500E is an affordable, yet capable machine. It’s easy to use, the embroidery space is large enough that it can grow with you for later projects, and Janome is a trusted name in embroidery.

A machine like this will be easy to service, and it will also maintain its value should you need to sell it later and upgrade. However, there’s little need for that unless you want to go for a cheaper multi needle machine, because the 500E is a real work horse.

This machine features a large touch screen with on-screen editing options, comes with all the hoops you need, and it performs well on tough materials like faux leather. It’s embroidery area is large enough to make beautiful sweatshirt designs too!

settled raccoon on a sweatshirt and went as a gift)
byu/Manavi05 inMachineEmbroidery

In short, this is a great machine at a fantastic price point. Definitely worth considering if you want a machine with a large embroidery area that you won’t need to get rid of later when you outgrow it!

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These are business-use multi-needle embroidery machines with the largest embroidery field and hoop size. These machines are great if you want a machine for an at home business.

SWF MAS 12 – $8,999

With a generously sized 13″ x 8″ embroidery area, the SWF MAS 12 is not only a great multi-needle machine for your projects. It’s also one of the cheapest multi-needle machines. Especially for the features it offers.

In addition to the large sewing field, this machine also features 12 needles. That means you can save time filling buk orders for customers since you won’t need to constantly re-thread it.

Plus, unlike other multi-needle machines, SWF actually ships their machines with everything you need to get started as a new embroidery business. This machine comes with a stand, cap driver for making hats, and 10 hoops in total.

You’ll also enjoy a lot of premium features with this machine, such as adjustable stitch speed (up to 1,000 SPM), automatic thread trimming, thread break sensors, free hand stitch drawing, and more.

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SWF MAS -15 – $15,999

multi needle embroidery machine prices

Still not big enough? In that case, you can upgrade to the SWF MAS 15 and get a 16.7″ x 10.9″ embroidery area. When compared to the SWF MAS 12, this machine does have a few more features as well.

It’s a bit faster, at 1,200 stitches per minute, and it has 15 needles. If you are scaling aggressively, this could be a good buy, because you’ll have even more colors ready to go. But, if you’re just starting 15 needles is likely overkill.

Most of the other features and accessories are the same though, so if you can live with a slightly smaller embroidery field and you don’t need 15 needles, the SWF MAS 12 is definitely a better deal for a new business.

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Bernina E16 Pro – $16,495

Serious about your business and willing to invest a little more? the Bernina E16 is a seriously capable multi-needle machine, and it has a huge 15.7″ x 13.7″ embroidery field. That’s more than enough for pretty much any custom embroidery project you can throw at it.

While this multi-needle machine is certainly not cheap, it also comes with a lot of great features. For starters, it’s a scalable multi-head machine. This means that you can add more machines and network them together as your business grows.

When you add more machines later they can be configured in any way you need to meet production needs. Each head can be configured to run different product customization options or configured to run all of the same design to save you time if you’re tackling a really big order.

This machine also stitches at 1,400 SPM, automatically adjusts the thread tension for enhanced quality, has a laser alignment system, and it features the industry’s smallest cylindrical lower arm.

The small arm allow you to easily embroidery on pretty much any item whether big or small, and it can give you a real edge when you offer items for sale on your Etsy store that competitors can only dream about.

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