20 Super Cute Mini Pumpkin Decorating Ideas!

mini pumpkins decorating ideas

Searching for some super adorable mini pumpkin decorating ideas for your fall festivities? In today’s article, we’re all about spooky season! Here are some easy mini pumpkin decorations you can make at home with the kids, or even just for yourself. (Adults get to have fun too!!)

Mini Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Vampire Pumpkin

mini pumpkins decor
Photo: Martha Stewart

This super cute mini pumpkin decoration uses push pins and vampire fangs to make a vampire pumpkin. Super easy decorating idea from Martha Stewart living that looks great on a table or for a creepy centerpiece! Get the tutorial here.

Donut Pumpkin

mini pumpkins decorating ideas
Photo: Studio DIY

This cute dessert themed pumpkin is perfect for spooky season. It’s also super easy and fun to do on mini pumpkins. See the tutorial and learn how to make these yourself at Studio DIY.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

mini pumpkin decorations
Photo: Life With Moore Babies

Looking for something a little more colorful? This unique idea from Mom Spark uses a hair dryer and crayons to make this melty fun pumpkin. Click here to see the full tutorial.

Polka Dot Pumpkins

what to do with mini pumpkins
Photo: Swell Designer

Want something a little more simple? How about some polka dot pumpkins! This super easy but cute design is kid friendly, and you don’t have to stop at polka dots either. What about tiger stripes or leopard spots? Check out the Swell Designer for more ideas.

Mini Pumpkin Table Runner

what to do with mini pumpkins
Photo: Julie Blanner

Need a cute addition to your fall dinner party? How about adding this super cute fall table runner design! The best part is, if you’re keen to grow some pumpkins yourself there are lots of mini varieties which you can eat after the holiday (no waste!) See the full design at JulieBlanner.com.

Bat Pumpkins

mini pumpkin halloween decorations
Photo: HGTV

A little paint and craft foam is all you need to make these cut bat pumpkins. They make a nice addition to a Halloween dessert table, or even for your front porch to delight trick or treaters. Click here to get the tutorial.

Porcelain Pumpkins

mini pumpkin painting ideas
Photo: Craft Berry Bush

Technically, this one was done with a fake pumpkin, BUT there’s no reason you can’t do a real one in a similar way! You can see the full tutorial and download a design for decoupage at Craft Berry Bush.

Photo Collage Pumpkin

mini pumpkin decoupage collage
Photo: Sugar and Charm

Display your most precious memories on these easy to make photo collage pumpkins! You can use a fake pumpkin if you want to keep it, but it’ll work just fine on a real one too. But there’s no need to stop at photos! Print out pictures of your kid’s favorite cartoon characters or super heroes and let them make a fun collage pumpkin. You can get the full tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

Confetti Pumpkins

miniature pumpkin decor
Photo: The Crafted Life

Looking to make your fall decor a bit more colorful? These cute confetti pumpkins might do the trick. They add nice pop to your decorations and would look great for an early fall party. Get the tutorial at Crafted Life.

Mummy Pumpkins

mini pumpkin decorations
Photo: Country Living

These cute no-carve mini pumpkin designs are cute and make a great addition to Halloween displays! Check out Country Living for more spooky Halloween decorating ideas and the materials list to make this cute kid friendly DIY Halloween arts and crafts project.

“Pun-Kins” – Message Pumpkins!

mini pumpkin Halloween displays
Photo: Studio DIY

Add some cute phrases and sayings for a laugh to your mini pumpkin display this season. Studio DIY does it again with these cute stack-able decorations. The possibilities are endless here, and you can use this for lots of purposes. See the tutorial and more design ideas here.

Spider Web Pumpkins

spider mini pumpkin design
Photo: Magia Mia

Looking for something a little creppier? Try these spider web and skeleton mini pumpkin designs! See more ideas for these cool black and white pumpkin designs at Magia Mia.

Vintage Chalky Pumpkins

vintage mini pumpkin designs
Photo: Purely Katie

Looking for something a little more grown-up for your table design? Try out these attractive vintage chalky pumpkins. They make for a great center piece for your fall dining table. Get the tutorial and more ideas for these kind of designs here.

Black & White Pumpkins

black and white mini pumpkins
Photo: Country Living

The contrast of black and white looks really great on a ton of designs! However, we’re really partial to this neat swirl design from Country Living on their mini pumpkin. You can download stencils and get instructions for these here.

Sprinkle Pumpkins

cool mini pumpkin designs
Photo: Best Friends For Frosting

Super easy to do with a variety of colors and mini pumpkin decor options. This decorating idea is kid friendly and a lot of fun! See how to do it at Best Friends For Frosting.

Glitter Pumpkins

sparkle mini pumpkin decorations
Photo: HGTV

Add a little flash to your festivities with these super easy to do glitter pumpkins. Check out the tutorial and materials list from HGTV here.

Herringbone Pumpkins

adult painted mini pumpkins
Photo: Lovely Indeed

A super unique and grown-up decorating option. The Herringbone pumpkin design from Lovely Indeed is super cute and a great pick for adult pumpkin decorating. Click here to see more pictures and design ideas.

Painter’s Tape Pumpkins

mini pumpkin painting for kids
Photo: Young House Love

This idea uses painter’s tape to mask off areas of the pumpkin. Then you and your little ones can go to town finger painting them. This is the messiest way to decorate a pumpkin ever, but it’s probably also the most fun! Check out the tutorial here and some other fun ideas.

Creepy Eyes Pumpkin

no carve mini pumpkin designs
Photo: Pattern Stitch Blog

Looking for a no carve, low mess, easy decorating idea? Try this creepy eyes mini pumpkin decorating idea! This one uses some cat eyes, but you can do a variety of other ideas as well. See more pictures of this one here.

Candy Wrapper Pumpkins

unique mini pumpkin designs
Photo: Country Living

Similar to the collage idea, this one uses vintage candy wrapper designs to make some festive trick or treat mini pumpkin decor! See what you need to make these at Country Living.