19+ Fun Halloween Art Projects For Preschoolers

Spooky season is approaching, and Halloween arts and crafts are a great way to get everyone involved in the holiday fun! In this article, you’ll find 25+ fun Halloween art projects for preschoolers. Use these ideas at home, or bring them to the classroom as a learning experience. Let’s get crafting!

Fun Halloween Art Projects For Preschoolers

Hand and footprint ghosts

fun halloween art projects for preschoolers - footprint ghosts
Photo: Fun Hand Print Art Blog

A cute and simple art project that lets you get a little messy! (Those are always the best kinds of art projects aren’t they?) You’ll just need some paint, construction paper, and … maybe some wet wipes to clean up after.

Spider Web Group Painting

spider web art project for preschoolers
Photo: Preschool Classroom Setups

In this neat art project, everyone can work together to paint this big spider web! You’ll need to set it up first with the tape, but then just hand out the paintbrushes and let the kids go to town.

Hand Print Bats

hanging bat art project for preschool
Photo: Alphabet Garden Preschool

This cute bat arts and craft project can hang around the classroom when you’re done! Everyone loves holiday decorating, and it’s even more fun when you get to make the decorations yourself.

Q-Tip Skeleton

preschool q-tip skeleton project
Photo: Preschool Crafts For Kids Blog

Want a project that’s a little different? This Q-tip skeleton art project is super cute, and fun to assemble! Just break out the q-tips, construction paper, and white glue and start building your skeleton art. This one is not only creative, but also super affordable since q-tips are dirt cheap.

Sun Catcher Monsters

preschool monster suncatchers  project
Photo: I Heart Arts n Crafts

Decorate your monster with tissue paper and googly eyes and then stick them in the window. Looks super neat when the light shines through and the kids love it. Get the instructions here.

Marble Roll Mummy

mummy rolling paint art project for preschool kids
Photo: Simply Frizzled Teaching

Super creative and fun art project! Stick your black construction paper mummy template into the tray and roll the marble through the paint to make your mummy’s wraps. This might be my favorite one on the list. It’s a really different and interesting project!

Paper Bag Pumpkin Painting

pumpkin painting arts and crafts
Photo: Hip Home School Moms

Pumpkin painting can be expensive if you’ve got a whole classroom to provide supplies for! Fortunately, you can make this much cheaper and just as fun paper bag pumpkin art project instead. It’s also a great way to avoid food waste. Get the instructions and materials here!

Paper Plate Spiders

paper plate spider craft for kids
Photo: I heart Crafty Things

I love this little arts and crafts project! The spiders are so cute with their googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs. Use whatever paint colors you want and hang them up for a festive Halloween display for your home or classroom. Get the materials list here.

Scrap Paper Candy Corn

scrap paper candy corn art for kids
Photo: Thriving Home Blog

Decorate your candy corn how you want! Glue scrap paper into the sections and make a cute candy decoration you can hang on the wall afterwards to show off. Get a free template for this project at Thriving Home Blog.

Styrofoam Cup Spider

styrofoam spider cup art project for kids
Photo: One Little Project

Cute craft that’s super easy to make, but can entertain kids of all ages too. The best part is you can just push the pipe cleaners through the foam cups, no scissors needed. Visit One Little Project for the materials list and instructions.

Salt Painted Spider Webs

Super cute art project that will amaze little ones. It’s also cheap to do! You’ll just need glue, salt, water color paints, and construction paper. Watch the video above to see how to make it.

Paper Plate Pumpkin

paper plate jack o lantern art project
Photo: Thriving Home Blog

Cute, easy, and cheap art project that lets preschoolers show their creativity! Decorate your pumpkin however you want with different paints, glitters, googly eyes, etc.

Halloween Color Pages

halloween coloring pages easy art project
Photo: Design Eat Repeat

Need something quick and easy for arts and crafts time? Download these free coloring page templates for when you need a bit of a break on the class art project planning! There’s no shame in keeping it simple, and everybody loves coloring.

Pasta Pumpkins

pasta pumpkin art project for preschool age
Photo: ABCDee Learning

Fun craft you can make with unusual materials. It’s always a good idea to mix things up and this is a fun craft to do so. Get materials list and instructions here.

Pencil Eraser Stamp Ghosts

eraser stamp ghost art project for preschool
Photo: Crafty Morning

Fun and creative way to use the materials you already have on hand to do something different! These little stamped ghosts will look great hanging on the fridge or classroom wall. It’s also a great opportunity to teach your kids about the pointillism painting technique and its history!

Coffee Filter Bats

coffee filter bats arts and craft for kids
Photo: Darcy and Brian

This fun little project is simple to make, cheap, and lets you use all kind of colors of your choice. It’s also a great opportunity to share some bat facts with your preschoolers! Get materials and instructions here.

Bat Fact: Did you know over 300 species of fruit depend on bats for pollination? Yep! Thank a bat for bananas, avocados, mangoes, and chocolate!

Leaf Ghosts

leaf painting ghost preschool art project
Photo: ABCDee Learning

Head outside to collect your art supplies and get some fresh air, then go back inside and decorate your found materials! Leaf ghosts are a great way to make art and admire nature at the same time. Get the instructions and materials for this art project here.

Xray Skeleton Hand

xray skeleton q-tip art project for preschoolers
Photo: From ABCs to ACTs

A fun twist on the q-tip skeleton, this one lets you make your hand into an art project. Trace your arm out on the construction paper with white crayon, and then assemble the “bones” with the q-tips. So cool! Get the instructions and materials for this one here.

Hand Print Black Cat

Photo: Easy Peasy and Fun

For a fun Halloween twist on the hand print turkey, try making these black cats instead! Trace your hand and start decorating your kitty cat. Get the instructions for this project here.

That’s our list! Hope you and your little ones have tons of fun making these Halloween art projects together. After all, grown ups need to have fun too!