30+ Awesome crafts to do with pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners are a cheap, versatile, and great craft material for crafters of any age. So, I’ve put together this big list of crafts to do with pipe cleaners to help get your creative juices flowing.

In this post, you’ll find 30+ things to make with pipe cleaners, and I’ll keep updating it as I come across more creative and unique pipe cleaner crafts I think belong on the list. Let’s get crafting!

Crafts to Do With Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaner Cactus

This cute tutorial from Craft Bee uses pipe cleaners to make an adorable fake cactus plant! This project does use a hot glue gun as well to stick the pipe cleaners together.

Coffee Filter Dancers

easy crafts to do with pipe cleaners - coffee filter dancer

I love these pretty little dolls made from pipe cleaners, coffee filters, and washable markers. It’s super cute and creative, and easy enough that even younger kids can participate. Get the instructions from One Little Project’s blog here.

Beaded Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin

Super cute and simple fall craft activity that everyone can enjoy. These would look great as part of your fall displays when you’re done too! Get the directions for the project here.

pipe cleaner and bead pumpkin craft

Rainbow Fridge Magnet

easy things to make with pipe cleaners - rainbow magnet

A super cute project for spring, this little rainbow fridge magnet looks great on the fridge. It’s a simple craft, but it does require a hot glue gun, so not the best project for really young kids. Get the instructions and materials from One Little Project here.

Pipe Cleaner Wreath Ornaments

christmas wreath ornament craft made from pipe cleaners

Looking for a craft where you just need pipe cleaners? This cute ornament uses just 3 pipe cleaners, and looks so cute on your tree. A super easy Christmas craft that’s suitable even for younger kids. Get the instructions from One Little Project.

Candy Cane Reindeer

christmas pipe cleaner craft candy cane reindeer

Easy and fun Christmas craft for kids of all ages. Use these cut reindeer as decorations for the tree, stocking stuffers, or just a fun class activity for the holidays. Can be made with hot glue or craft glue as well, so it’s easy to make the project safe for any age group. Instructions at Spruce Eats.

Pipe Cleaner Turkey

pipe cleaner turkey craft for thanksgiving

Get ready for the holidays with this cute pipe cleaner Thanksgiving craft! This little turkey is ready to decorate your table. Get the directions here to make it yourself.

Fuzzy Pipe Cleaner Monsters

halloween pipe cleaner craft monster

Looking for easy Halloween crafts for kids? Try these fuzzy pipe cleaner monsters from DIY Thought. You only need 3-4 items to make them, and they’re an easy and fun craft the whole family can enjoy.

Mini Pipe Cleaner Hats

pipe cleaner craft witch hat for adults

This craft is a little more involved, but it’s a great pipe cleaner craft for older kids, or even adults! Make cute hats for dolls or decorations to add a little “wow!” to your holiday crafts. Get the instructions here.

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Rings

butterfly ring pipe cleaner crafts

Super simple and fun craft made with just pipe cleaners. Kids will be delighted to make these adorable wearable crafts, and materials are super cheap. Great for class projects or just spring and summer craft fun. Get the instructions at One Little Project blog.

Pipe Cleaner Animals

dinosuar animal pipe cleaner craft

Have your kids make their own toys! This craft tutorial features instructions for 9 different pipe cleaner animals, including the pictured dinosaur. This one does use a hot glue gun, but you may be able to swap that for craft glue for the classroom.

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Trees

christmas tree pipe cleaner craft

This one has a lot of great customizations! Make green trees, shimmering trees in multiple colors, decorate them with sequins or glitter, and more! Fun and cheap winter craft project for kids. Get the tutorial here.

Pipe Cleaner Teddy Bears

teddy bear pipe cleaner craft

This craft is more suitable for older kids or adults, but it’s super cute! I love these little teddy bears so much, and they’re made pipe cleaners, beads, ribbon, and glue. Learn how to make this craft here.

Borax Icicle Ornaments

borax icicle pipe cleaner craft

Great mix of crafting and science! Kids will love this fun and easy craft where you’ll grow crystals on pipe cleaners to make ornaments. Get the instructions for this craft here.

Pipe Cleaner Heart Garland

valentine heart garland pipe cleaner craft

If you’ve got pipe cleaners, twine, and scissors you can make this cute heart garland. A great way to get kids involved with decorating your home or classroom for Valentine’s day! Get the tutorial here.

Beaded Corn

beaded corn pipe cleaner craft for fall

Cute and creative beaded corn craft for your fall festivities! Lots of options to be had here and makes for a pretty decoration when you’re done. Get the tutorial for this craft project here.

Light Up Pipe Cleaner Rudolph

led rudolph reindeer pipe cleaner craft

This craft is a lot easier than you think, and kids will be amazed that they can make a Rudolph that lights up! It used pipe cleaners, a coin cell battery, and a red LED to make the magic happen. A cool and easy pipe cleaner craft that will still be interesting to older kids. Click here to see how to do it.

Pipe Cleaner Tiara

princess tiara pipe cleaner craft

Know a princess who’s missing her crown? This pipe cleaner tiara project is sure to delight. Super simple and fun project for play time. Get the instructions at Stylish Cravings.

New Year’s Pipe Cleaner Sunglasses

new years eve glasses pipe cleaner craft

Need a fun craft for New Years or as a party activity? Get yourself some pipe cleaners and some dollar store sunglasses and let everyone create their own wearable party favors. Tons of options to customize and make this craft your own. Get the instructions and materials list here.

Pipe Cleaner Sparklers

4th of july sparkler pipe cleaner craft

Want to make sure your little ones have fun on the 4th but don’t want the stress of real sparklers? Have them make this cute craft and they’re guaranteed to have even more fun and stay safe. Click here for the materials and instructions.

Rainbow Bracelet

rainbow bracelet pipe cleaner craft

Fun wearable craft for kids of all ages! With some pipe cleaners, felt scraps, pom poms, and craft glue you can get started making this neat pipe cleaner craft. Get the instructions at Crafts by Amanda.

Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands

bubble wand pipe cleaner crafts

Make this fun pipe cleaner craft and then head outside to play with it afterwards! Great craft for a birthday party or just a fantastic summer craft to keep the kids busy on their break. Get the tutorial here.

Pipe Cleaner Lolipop

christmas lolipop pipe cleaner craft

Super cute and simple craft you can use for Christmas decorations. Simple enough that smaller kids can help as well. Click here to get the instructions.

Pipe Cleaner Dragon

Looking for something a little more challenging for your older kids? Check out this cool pipe cleaner dragon project. It’s pretty awesome!

Pipe Cleaner Spider

pipe cleaner craft spider

This super cute spider is the perfect Halloween activity! Easy and fun to make for the whole family. Click here to get the instructions and material list.

Vintage Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

vintage pipe cleaner christmas ornament crafts

These cool throw back pipe cleaner ornaments are easy to make and look very nice on your tree. Great addition to a vintage inspired Christmas display. Get the tutorial here.

Pipe Cleaner Snail Fridge Magnet

I love this adorable little snail magnet for your fridge! Simple and functional pipe cleaner craft that anyone can make. Get the instructions for this project here.

Pipe Cleaner Pencil Monkey

pipe cleaner monkey pencil topper craft

After you completed this cute little pipe cleaner craft monkey he can hang out with you on your pencil while you do your homework. How neat! Get the tutorial here.

Pipe Cleaner Trivet

This one’s a little different, but certainly creative! By wrapping pipe cleaners with yard you can make them into this handsome trivet for your coffee cup. So cool! Get the directions here.

Pipe Cleaner Tarantula

pipe cleaner tarantula halloween craft

Looking for some DIY Halloween decorations that’ll give your guests a fright? This pipe cleaner tarantula is a fun craft that’ll scare the pants off somebody with the right placement. Learn how to make it here.

Rainbow Jellyfish

pipe cleaner jellyfish craft

Super cute craft you can hang as a decoration. This craft uses pipe cleaners, Styrofoam balls, and paint. It’s simple to make and lots of fun. Click here for the full materials list and instructions.

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