20+ Beautiful Christmas Crafts To Sell At Bazaars & Craft Fairs this Holiday Season

Crafting during the winter months is a fun way to pass the time, and you could even make a bit of money for your efforts at your local craft fair or bazaar! However, choosing the right products is key. Here are 20+ Christmas crafts to sell at bazaars & craft fairs!

Christmas Crafts To Sell At Bazaars & Craft Fairs

Cricut Christmas Ornaments

Do you have a Cricut machine at your disposal? If so, you can make some super cute and easy-to-make ornaments with it. The tutorial for the ornament in the pictures is available at Happiness Is Homemade.

PS. Need free designs for your ornaments? Creative Fabrica has a TON of free Christmas SVG designs and most of them have commercial licenses for selling at craft fairs, Etsy, or POD.

Wooden Nesting Gnomes

christmas craft ideas to sell
Photo: Ruffles & Rainboots

This cute craft is easy to make and looks great on table displays. These tiny nesting gnomes nest inside of each other just like traditional nesting dolls! You can assemble these in as little as 30 minutes too – making them easy, and quick to make christmas craft ideas to sell. Click here to see the tutorial.

Handmade Ornaments

christmas wood projects
Photo: Jamie Costiglio

There are tons of great handmade ornaments you can make and sell at craft bazaars! These ones are made from scrap wood, wasi tape, and cellophane wrap. However, there are lots of great ways to make unique ornaments, in fact, we’ve got some more ideas for you on our wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell article – but to make the above ornaments, visit this website.

Mason Jar Candles

christmas craft ideas to sell
Photo: A Pumpkin and A Princess

Candles are a great way to decorate for the holidays, and they’re an easy sell for a lot of people. You can also give them as a general-purpose gift for someone you don’t know that well but still want to give them something. There are tons of ways to do this, but the above frosty candles are super cute I think! Click here to get the tutorial for them.

Tip: Investing in some custom labels can make your mason jar candles really stand out at craft fairs! You can make these at CustomSticker.com for really affordable prices and give your products a professional look for surprisingly cheap.

Handmade Holiday Wreaths

handmade crafts to sell at christmas
Photo: Romantic Homes

There are tons of different ways to make holiday wreaths and people love decorating with them for the holidays! The above wreath uses dried florals and oranges to create a beautiful wreath that makes your home smell great. But, if you can also easily make them for a variety of artificial products as well. People make wreaths from bows, ornaments, pom poms, and more all the time. Click here to get the tutorial.

Mason Jar Treats

easy christmas crafts to sell
Photo: The Gracious Wife

For some people, offering an easy gift that can please anyone is enough to make a sale! Nothing brings Christmas joy quite like some tasty sweets, and you can create these mason jar treat jars for people to buy and give as gifts. However, if you don’t want to deal with food, lots of people use mason jars to make gifts of things like body scrubs too. Click here for more pictures and ideas.

Log Candle Holders

country christmas crafts to make and sell
Photo: Marty’s Musings

Looking for country Christmas crafts to make and sell? If you’ve got some tree trimming to do on your property, how about repurposing your yard waste into some cute crafts! You can easily make these rustic candle holders with minimal tools. Looks great with many decor schemes. Click here to see the tutorial.

Handmade Christmas Soaps

christmas crafts to make money
Photo: Peppermint Bark Soap

There’s just something special about getting a handmade soap! Sell your customers some cute holiday soaps to decorate their bathrooms for guests, or to give as gifts. The above is a cute peppermint bark soap, but there are tons of great scents you can use – as well as a variety of cute holiday molds which will delight visitors to your bazaar. Think gingerbread, candy canes, apple pie, spiced orange, etc. to get your customers into the holiday spirit with your handmade soaps. Click here for the peppermint bark soap recipe and tutorial.

Christmas Gift Baskets

christmas bazaar ideas
Photo: The Tom Kat Studio

For the person who has everything, sometimes a lovely gift basket is the way to go! Even people who are impossible to shop for appreciate a basket of fresh baked muffins or cookies. But, if you’re not the best at baking, there are plenty of other baskets you can make up and decorate to sell. Honey, marmalade, jams & jellies, coffee, soaps, BBQ kits, kitchen bundles, crackers, sausages, and cheeses are all great ideas for baskets.

Etched Wine Glasses

easy christmas crafts to make for profit
Photo: Stone Effects MD

Etching glass is super easy and it looks really great! All you need is some armor etch, a printed stencil, and a glass. It’s super cheap to pick up glasses at the thrift store, and people love these. The above one is for sale on Etsy, but with a bit of Google-fu you can learn how to make one similar to it with a bit of practice.

PS. Need some free designs for glass etching? Creative Fabrica has a TON of free Christmas SVG designs for stencils, and many of them can be used commercially for POD products or stuff you customize and sell on Etsy!

Christmas Pot Holders

handmade christmas craft ideas to sell
Photo: Coral + Co

Are you a whizz with a sewing machine? Need some handmade Christmas craft ideas to sell? Some decorative Christmas pot holders could be a great item for your craft table! For those who are good with a sewing machine it can be a breeze and the materials are pretty cheap to do it. Click here to see the tutorial.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Spoons

christmas food crafts to sell
Photo: Tatyana’s Everyday Food

A super cute gift idea for a coffee lover. You could make some of these and pair them with a Christmas mug and a packet of hot cocoa or some coffee for a cute gift. If you need some cheap spoons, Goodwill always has tons of them for super cheap too. Click here for the tutorial.

Handmade Holiday Cards

diy christmas projects to sell
Photo: Omiyage Blogs

Some super cute handmade holiday cards may be just the thing to send someone, but some people aren’t very crafty! If you’ve got some great stamps, or are an artist – you can make your own custom cards to sell to people. The above card is super easy but adorable. It uses colored wasi tape. Click here to see the tutorial and get some ideas.

Holiday Bath Bombs

christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs
Photo: Beauty Crafter

For some people, the best gift is a bit of pampering and alone time. Holiday bath bombs not only get you in the mood for the holiday season, but they also help you relax after the stress of getting everything ready! Plus, bath bombs are easy to make and easy to sell christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs. Here’s a great recipe and tutorial on how to make some of these.

Custom Painted Holiday Mugs

christmas crafts to sell at craft fairs
Photo: Tidy Mom

Pick up some cheap mugs from the store and you can easily make them into festive ones! Decorate them up and sell them individually or pair them with some other items to make a Christmas coffee, tea, or cocoa gift set. Click here to get the tutorial.

Up-Cycled Sweater Christmas Stockings

christmas crafts with upcycled materials to sell
Photo: An Extra Ordinary Day

This cute and clever craft is actually made by up-cycling unwanted sweaters. One sweater will make two stockings – so if you can pick some up cheap at a thrift store that have a bit of damage it could be a good way to re-utilize them. Click here to see the tutorial!

DIY Wooden Coasters

christmas crafts to make money
Photo: Unoriginal Mom

Coaster are a fun holiday item that serve an important purpose – making sure your guests don’t ruin your tables!! These cute wood slice coasters are easy to make, and you can tie them up with a little ribbon to make a cute holiday gift-set too. Click here for the tutorial.

Handmade Christmas Signs

handmade christmas crafts you can sell
Photo: Simply Made Fun

Decorating with signs adds some cute messages to your decor, and it’s a very popular item every year! You can easily, and pretty cheaply, make your own to sell. If you’ve got wood laying around, that’s even better, but it’s easy to find it or buy some for not a lot of money. Pallet signs are popular, or if you’re lacking in tools, you can buy some at home depot and they will cut it for you. Click here for the tutorial for the above sign.

Pinecone Christmas Trees

christmas crafts to sell
Photo: HGTV

Have a lot of pine cones laying around your property? Put them to use with this cute Christmas craft. It’s pretty easy to make and many of the materials won’t cost you a thing if you know where the trees are, or you can just buy some. Click here to see the tutorial.

Reindeer Hot Cocoa Cones

cheap to make christmas crafts
Photo: Savvy Saving Couple

A super cute little craft you can make easily and sell in the winter months. Everybody loves a nice hot cocoa when it’s cold out, and this is a fun, inexpensive little gift people can pick up for co-workers, their dog walker, etc. Click here to see the tutorial.

Easy DIY Sherpa Scarves

christmas crafts to make and sell for profit
Photo: Beginner Sewing Projects

Looking for an easy beginner sewing project for the holidays? Scarves are surprisingly easy and great Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit. This infinity Sherpa scarf is not only cozy and warm, but it’s also easy and affordable to make! You can make 4 scarves from a single yard of fabric – making it pretty cheap to make, but it looks very impressive and expensive. Click here for the tutorial.

Fishbowl Snowmen

unique christmas crafts to sell
Photo: Leap Of Faith Crafting

This is a clever and super nice looking craft that’s much easier than it looks! You can make these snowman out of fishbowls, glitter, and fairy lights from the dollar store. Click here to get the tutorial.

DIY Snowglobes

cool christmas crafts to sell

Snow globes are always a fun little decoration. Now you can make your own scenes to add to your stall or craft table. This one has a tree and little snow flurries, but there are plenty of great Christmas scenes you could use for these. Click here to see the tutorial.

Scented Pinecone Firestarters

useful christmas crafts to sell
Photo: Something Turquoise

This is a unique one I really like! These were made for wedding favors, but they’d be great for Christmas too. Pinecones are dipped in wax and scented to use in your holiday fires. Adds a great smell when they burn and helps get your fireplace going! Click here to get the tutorial.