How Long Do Real Christmas Trees Last? [And How To Keep Them Fresh All Season Long!]

Buying early can help you get the best price on a Christmas tree, particularly if you’re looking for a highly desired variety. But is it a mistake to buy early? Exactly how long will your tree last, and how do you keep it looking fresh and beautiful for the whole holiday? Here’s what you need to know.

How Long Do Real Christmas Trees Last?

A healthy Christmas tree should last 4 to 5 weeks without issue. Of course, this assumes that you are properly caring for it. If you leave your poor Christmas tree without an attention, then that lifespan could be cut much shorter.

You’ll also want to select one that looks fresh and new when buying it. You don’t want a tree which is already brittle, dried out, and sad looking! Here’s how to keep your tree from drying out and have it looking fresh all holiday season.

You may also want to consider the variety of tree. The Fraser fir, for example, is prized not only for it’s beautiful classic Christmas qualities, but also because it retains its needles longer than other species.

How Do You Keep a Christmas Tree From Drying Out?

You need to water your Christmas tree. Yes, it is cut, but it can still absorb water to stay fresh. You should water it everyday for the first two weeks, because you may be surprised at just how much water it can take in!

In fact, a cut tree can utilize up to a gallon of water per day in this time. Using the trunk diameter as a jumping off point, try offering your tree 1 quart for every inch around the trunk of the tree is.

Not to mention the fact that watering your tree well can prevent fire hazards! The college of Natural Resources goes on to say you should be careful about where you choose to display your tree too.

To keep your tree from drying out, you should avoid displaying it near heat sources like air vents, fireplaces, wood stoves and even sunny windows.

Andre Moore – NCSU

It’s also important to use string lights with a low electrical wattage, and to inspect them for damage each year. Turning off your tree lights when you go to sleep or leave the house is also a great way to stay safe during the holidays.

You can also try to pick up some “wilt-stop”. This product is sprayed on to the needles to help prevent it from losing water. It’s non toxic and made from pine tree resin, so no worries about unnatural toxins around pets.

PS. If you’ve got some land you can also grow your own Christmas trees as an effective side-hustle! Even with just an acre of land, you could be bringing in that holiday cash!