How Much Is a Real Christmas Tree? [and Why You May Pay More Than Last Year]

There’s nothing quite like having a real Christmas tree for the holiday season, and there are even arguments that a real tree is more environmentally friendly than a fake one! But how much should you pay? And how are Christmas tree prices decided? Let’s find out!

How Much Is A Real Christmas Tree?

In general, $45 to $90 is how much you can expect to pay for a real Christmas tree. The price, of course, depends on several factors. The biggest one of the height of the tree. A taller tree takes longer to grow, requires more resources, and that means it costs more.

You might also pay a bit more depending on where you buy it. That’s because big box stores buy wholesale and mark them up for retail. Buying from a local farm which grows their own trees may net you a better price in some situations.

Even if you don’t have a local farm to buy from, it never hurts to shop around! Prices can vary quite a bit even from different big box stores that are trying to attract customers. It’s also a good idea to buy earlier to avoid dwindling supplies. This is especially true if you’d like a particular tree variety. (Here are some tips for preserving your Christmas tree through the season.)

Is It Just Me Or Are Trees Getting More Expensive??

It’s not just you! The supply chain has been stressed recently and that has impacted nearly every industry – Christmas trees included. Shipping costs are up and supplies are a bit tighter with some bad weather impacting the growth of some tree farms across the country. Less Christmas trees per acre means higher prices for consumers.

It’s also a mix of both short and long-term factors. In years past, supplies for Christmas trees were at an an all-time high, which plummeted prices. Many farms actually closed, and as a result, the inventory trends have started changing, resulting in prices creeping upwards.

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