Best 5 to 6 Foot Evergreen Shrubs For Small Yards and Landscaping Areas

If your yard is not very big, or if you’re trying to work with a smaller garden bed, it can be tough to find the right plants. Many grow too large, but these little evergreens are just right! Here are 5 evergreens in the 5 to 6 foot size which will be great for smaller areas.

Japanese Boxwood

The Japanese boxwood shrub achieves a maximum height of around 6 feet, but be careful when you’re shopping. The more common version of the boxwood can get 20 feet high! So, be sure that you know what you are buying before you commit to planting.

evergreen shrubs for small spaces

The Japanese Boxwood is a broad leaf evergreen which thrives in zones 6 to 9. It has fragrant greenish-cream color blooms and requires little in the way of maintenance. Also a good choice if the deer pick your other plants clean in your flower beds.


Did you know that rosemary can actually reach 5 feet in height? Yes, the same plant you use to make delicious dishes is also an attractive evergreen. Rosemary will produce lovely blue flowers that attract pollinators and you can go out and clip fresh herbs for your dinner too!

evergreen shrubs for small yards

This plant grows best in zones 8-10 and grows well in full sun. It’s not a good pick for cold climates, but it’s a fantastic choice if you live where this plant will flourish.

Chinese Dwarf Holly

While many varieties of holly reach 20 feet in height, the Chinese dwarf holly will tops out at a more reasonable 6 feet. It grows well in zones 7 to 9 and makes a good, compact, miniature bush for your landscaping needs.

small evergreen shrubs
Photo: NCEG

These shrubs are dense and compact, for a tidy and neat appearance, and in the spring have small white flowers. However, these flowers are favored by bees, attracting and feeding valuable pollinators for the rest of your gardens as well. In addition, it will produce small red berries in the winter for your local birds.

Dwarf Serbain Spruce

The dwarf Serbian spruce starts out in a rounded shape and will mature into more of a pyramid once full grown. It tops out in height at around 5 feet. Works well in rock gardens, and has an attractive, dense, evergreen appearance that many people love.

small evergreen shrub

Can be planted as a nice accent, or even grouped together to create a nice privacy hedge for your windows. This plant grows best in zones 4-7, and may require additional watering in extreme heat.

Catawba Rhododendron

A beautiful, blooming evergreen shrub that reaches 6 feet in height with a 6 foot spread. The Catawba Rhododendron creates a beautiful focal point in your landscaping. It’s quite hardy and does well in partial shade if you can’t give your front of house plants full sun.

flowering evergreen shrub small
Photo: Wikipedia

It’s easy to grow and maintain, but your soil should be well drained for this plant to thrive. Add lots of peat moss when planting to create a more ideal environment. This plant thrives in zones 4-8.