25+ Wooden Christmas Crafts To Make and Sell

Crafting is a fun way to pass the time during those cold winter months when your indoors. Plus, some of these wooden Christmas craft ideas can actually make you a bit of extra cash for your holiday shopping. Plus, a lot of these can be made with scrap materials – bringing your costs much lower. Here are 20+ wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell at bazaars, craft fairs, and Etsy this holiday season!

Easy wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell

Rustic Holiday Coasters

Photo: Craft Buggy

Everybody needs some holiday coasters to keep guests from marking up their tables! These rustic ones look great on the table, and you can make them a variety of ways. The above photo uses vinyl to make designs on the wood, but you can also use a wood burner if you’ve got one, or stamps. Click here to see the tutorial for the version above.

PS. Need FREE SVG designs to use for your ornaments? Creative Fabrics has a TON of free Christmas SVGs to download, and almost all of them come with commercial rights for selling at craft fairs, on Etsy, or with POD.

Wooden Christmas Countdown

Photo: Jenwood House

This is an easy to make but impressive wood craft you can make to sell at your local craft fair this year! You can get the tutorial for this project from JenWoodHouse and learn to do it yourself. There’s plenty of room for customization, and it’s a great way to use up scrap wood from your other projects!

Scrap Wood Candy Ornaments

wooden christmas crafts to make and sell
Photo: Jamie Costiglio

Looking for christmas wood crafts to make and sell that add a splash of color to your displays? These cute little ornaments are made using scrap wood pieces, colorful Washi wrap, and cellophane. Putting them together is easy as pie, and can easily be done with younger children as a fun activity. Plus, a cute set of these would likely be a big seller at your local Christmas bazaar or craft fair. Click here to see the tutorial and materials list.

Christmas Row Houses With Lights

wooden christmas craft ideas
Photo: The Craft Patch Blog

Need some easy wood crafts for christmas? Whether you’re looking for a nice table display for your home, or something people will love to pick up for their own Christmas displays- this one is a good bet. Materials are cheap and easy to get, and putting them together is a snap. Click here to see the materials list and tutorial.

Rustic Log Candle Holders

wooden christmas decorations to make
Photo: Bored Fast Food

A super attractive and easy to make centerpiece. This craft is a great pick if people in your area are into the rustic look! Minimal tools required, and you can likely get the wood for free if you have property or neighbors getting rid of some stuff from their yards. It’s likely one of the cheapest and easiest wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell for profit – since materials are mostly free. Click here to get the tutorial.

String Art Wooden Stocking Holders

Photo: The Turquoise Home

These wooden stocking holders combine wood craft with string art! This craft is easy and fun to make, and it’s an easy to sell item for your Christmas craft table. Click here to get the instructions and materials list for the project.

Wood Slice Ornaments

Photo: Somewhat Simple

These ones have snowmen painted on them, but you can, of course, put whatever you want. In some cases, more colorful designs may be the way to go, but if you’ve got a feeling the customers at your craft fair prefer a more “rustic” look, then go for something more vintage looking. Plain old silhouettes can also add a classy look to a Christmas tree, so don’t forget that simple is sometimes better! Click here to see the materials list.

Patchwork Wooden Christmas Tree

Photo: Virginia Sweet Pea

Want some christmas wood projects that take a bit more skill? This adorable tree is a bit more involved, but it looks super nice set up on a porch or table. Plus, not everyone can make something like this. So, if you can – that means you can charge a bit more for your decorations. Click here to see the tutorial and materials list for this one.

Wooden Nesting Gnomes

Photo: Ruffles & Rainboots

Looking for something a little easier but still super cute? These nesting gnomes make a great table display and can be assembled easily – in as little as 30 minutes. It’s a simple craft that should be easy to put together for your Christmas craft bazaar. Click here to see the tutorial and make them yourself!

Wooden Nativity Set

Photo: Reality Daydream

This is a really cool Christmas wood craft that fits together like a puzzle. BUT, it does require access to a scroll saw! Making the fine rounded cuts may be tough to do without one. Click here to see the build process!

Wood Map Tree Decorations

Photo: Pillar Box Blue

This is a really unique one! You use scrap wood and old maps to create these cute tree displays. Would be really effective to use maps of your hometown and let people show off their hometown pride on their Christmas displays. However, if you live in an area with a lot of transplants (like Florida), then it might be a good idea to make some from other states too! People still love where they came from – even if they have to move for whatever reason. Click here to learn how to make these unique and very simple decorations.

Wood Nativity Set

Photo: The 36th Avenue

This super easy and cute nativity set may be just the thing for a church craft sale. The materials are inexpensive, and it’s not difficult to put together. It also makes for a cute table display on your booth to draw people over. Click here to see how to make it.

Wood Star Serving Tray

Photo: Jaime Costiglio

Want a Christmas wood craft that’s fun to make and functional? How about these cute star trays! People are always looking for Christmas decor for their holiday parties. Click here to see how to make this cute holiday wood craft.

Christmas Tree Cork Wine Stoppers

Photo: Oh So Beautiful Paper

These cute little crafts add some Christmas flair to your favorite bottle of wine. It’s simple to make and an easy way to make your dinner table look a bit more festive. Click here to see the tutorial.

Wooden Gift Card Holders

Photo: Ugly Duckling House

Gifting a gift card is easy, but it can sometimes feel a bit lazy! That’s why people will jump to buy these fancy wooden gift card holders that make gifting a gift card a little more thoughtful. Click here to see how to make them!

Mini Yarn Wreath Ornaments

Photo: A Pretty Life In The Suburbs

A great ornament that crafters everywhere will appreciate! These super simple ornaments are made with wood rings and wrapped in yarn for cute custom looks. Choose whatever colors you want and add this cute craft to your table this year. Click here to see the tutorial and material list.

Wooden Candy Cane Candle Holders

Photo: Old Salt Farm

If you’ve got some scrap wood, a little paint, and a couple power tools – you’re good to go to make these cute candle holders. These looks great on table displays or part of a centerpiece. You can use real or fake candles for them – and paint them up however you like. Click here to get the tutorial.

Home State Ornament

Photo: Man Made DIY

People everywhere are proud of where they come from. Adding some home state pride ornaments to your table is a sure way to make friends and sales. If you live in a place with lots of tourists or snowbirds, don’t forget to add their home states too! Click here to get the tutorial.

Pineboard Christmas Signs

Photo: Exquisitely Unremarkable

Looking for some easy wooden Christmas crafts to make and sell from upcycled materials? If you’ve got some scrap wood laying around, paint it up and decorate it with stencils or stickers and create some of these super cute holiday sign decorations to sell at your craft bazaar. It’s a very easy but nice looking wood craft if you don’t have a lot of tools or wood working skills under your belt. Click here to see the tutorial and materials list.

Wooden Santa Block Signs

Photo: Craft Create Cook

Need a smaller Christmas sign? These little wood block signs are cute and easy to make. You can use them to display a variety of holiday themed messages to suit your customers too. Also easy enough for the kids to help. Click here to see the tutorial.

Wooden Clothespin Snowmen Ornaments

Photo: Vasilinka Store

Another super simple craft if your wood working skills aren’t the best. You can buy some wooden clothespins for cheap and decorate them to make these cute ornaments. The ones in the picture are for sale on Etsy, but it’s easy to figure out how to make them yourself.

Log Snowmen

Photo: Inspirational momma

Are your trees due for a trim? If so, save the wood and use them to make these cute, rustic snowman decorations. They’re certain to be a crowd-pleaser both at home and at the craft fair. Click here to get the tutorial.

DIY Wooden Cricut Tree Ornaments

Photo: Anika’s DIY Life

If you’ve got a Cricut – then you can make these cute 3D Christmas tree ornaments. The designs on the tutorial have some great vintage vibes going, and they kind of remind me of Charlie Brown Christmas trees! Click here to see the tutorial and make them yourself.

Wood Frame Holiday Presents

Photo: Christmas Lights etc

Okay, so the one in the example is probably a bit big for a craft fair, BUT there’s no reason you can’t make them smaller! If you switch out some materials for smaller wood pieces and use some mini lights from the dollar store you can easily scale this down to a table decoration. Click here to see how these are put together.

Festive Santa Logs

Photo: Smart Girls DIY

Another simple, yet cute wooden christmas craft idea you can make with yard waste. If you’ve got a few power tools and a little paint, you can put these together in various sizes to sell at Christmas bazaars. Click here to see how to do it.

Recycle Wood Stocking Hanger

Photo: Beyond The Pickett Fence

When it comes to easy wooden Christmas craft ideas – this one tops the list! If you’ve got some scrap wood and a bit of paint – you can make these cute stocking hangers. They’re very simple to assemble and the materials are all dirt cheap or even free to acquire. Click here to see the tutorial and materials list.

Rustic Log Candle Holders

Photo: Marty’s Musings

Similar to the candy cane candles, this craft does the same but leaves them with the rustic, natural look. Just use some assorted branches and drill into them to make space for the candle. Makes for an attractive centerpiece, especially if combined with some real or fake winter greenery. Click here to check out the tutorial.