14 Valentines Cricut Ideas To Sell On Etsy

Looking to squeeze a little more profit out of your Etsy store this Valentine’s Day? Here are some killer Valentines Cricut ideas to sell and make that extra cash for this upcoming season of love.

Valentines Cricut ideas to sell in your store

Anti-Valentine’s Day Shirts

14 Valentine's Cricut Ideas To Sell On Etsy

While there are plenty of couples gifting each other tokens of their affection… there may be even more people cursing said holiday. Make up some “Anti-Valentines Day” shirts to sell to the people who aren’t feeling the love. You can get tons of great designs for this idea on Creative Fabrica for dirt cheap.

However, sometimes you can find some free SVGs for shirts you can use too. Just make sure that you find free SVGs with commercial use rights or you could get into legal trouble. Many creators publish their SVGs as free, but only for personal use and not for selling.

Classroom Valentine’s

Make some cute classroom Valentines to sell to busy parents! There are many different options here, but in the photo below you can see a lollipop holder variety from Cutting Room Designs. (You can buy the SVG template for some of these here.)

valentine cricut craft ideas

However, there are TONS of ways you can make this idea work. You can make customized Valentine’s Day favors with names, or even make candy alternatives for parents who’d rather not give out sugar using stickers, bracelets, etc. There’s tons of possibilities for this one!

Valentine’s Day Cards

cricut diy ideas to sell

You can do a lot with this idea, from funny cards to heartfelt, but cut cards look really nice and give that more “special” feel that people are willing to pay more for I think. (You can get these card templates here.)

Galentine’s Day Items

cricut valentine items to sell

Sometimes Valentine’s Day is just for your gal pals. Make brunch gift bags, glasses, tote bags, and more for people who are celebrating the best ever holiday for friendship – Leslie Knope Style!

Custom Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are always a winner and whether your customers love or hate Valentine’s Day… there’s a custom win glass made for them!

cricut valentine items to sell on etsy

Valentine’s Nail Stickers

Nail stickers are super popular now, but did you know you can make your own with Cricut? Make up some Valentine’s nail sticker packs and sell them on Etsy to people looking for new ways to get festive! The above video shows a nice tutorial on how to do it.

Custom Valentine’s Cupcake Toppers

Everyone loves having parties and decorating, but not everyone loves making said decorations. If you DO love making them, consider selling custom cupcake toppers for Valentine’s parties to Etsy Shoppers.

cricut ideas to sell on etsy for valentine day

You can make individual custom name toppers for party guests, or make more general ones that can be placed onto treats for class parties and other Valentine’s Day events.

Custom Photo Frames

Custom photo frames are a personal gift that people love! There are a lot of ways to do this which include special messages, meaningful dates, or events, etc. In the above video you can see a project for one that uses a photo and a song which form a specific memory.

I’m sure how you can see how you could run with this idea for Valentine’s Day, and if you check out the description on that video, they also give you the cut file template for the project for free!

Tote Bags

Tote bags are easy and cheap to make but are a big seller. They’re great as personalized gift bags for parties or just your best friend – so get creative with your bags.

valentine tote bags sell on etsy

Valentine’s Treat Boxes

ideas to sell for valentines on etsy

Treat boxes are a great way to build value in otherwise simple items like candy, bath bombs, lip balms, etc. Make up some of these boxes and sell them as class treats or party favors. (You can buy the cut file for the above box here.)

Funny Boxer Shorts

Everybody loves gag gifts for Valentine’s! Make up some funny boxers like the ones in the picture and customize them for your customers.

valentine gift ideas to sell

Jar Candy Gifts

Who doesn’t love getting a bunch of candy!? These are easy for when you need a casual gift, and they have a lot of customization options.

homemade valentine gifts to sell

Give your customers the option to fill the jar with their loved one’s favorite candy, or offer gift wrapping options for an extra charge!

Valentine’s Mug Gifts

diy valentine gifts to sell

Making up some custom mugs with your Cricut is easy peasy, and you can up the appeal even more by stuffing some candy, hot chocolate, tea, or coffee related items into the mug to make it an even better gift item. Value added means more money for you!

PS. Check out our free SVG design library for mug designs!

Your Own SVG Files

digital valentine items to sell

Do you like to make your OWN files for Cricut? Well, you can actually sell those too! Etsy allows digital products, and if you can make and sell your own Valentine’s Day SVG files – other Etsy store owners are ready to buy.

They’re not technically made with Cricut… but they’re made for Cricut and you can sell an infinite number of copies of these designs once you’ve got them made. So, it’s not a bad side-hustle if you’ve got some graphic design skills.