20+ Christmas Crafts For Toddlers Age 2 to 3

We’ve already written about some great Christmas crafts you can sell before, but what if you need crafts for your kids or your class too? Well, try some of these easy and fun Christmas crafts for 2 and 3 year olds.

Easy Christmas Crafts For Toddlers Age 2 to 3

Yogurt Cup Rudolph

Photo: I Heart Crafty Things

Looking for inexpensive crafts? If you already eat a lot of yogurt, you can use the cups for this one. Click here to see the materials list and instructions.

Sock Snowman

Photo: All Free Sewing

This cute little sock snowman is way easier to make than it looks! This no-sew craft allows anyone to get started making their own snowman out of mismatched socks and some rice. It’s a great craft for using up stuff you might throw out. Click here to get the instructions.

Stick Reindeer

Photo: Red Ted Art

Save those toilet paper rolls! Cause this craft (and a few others on the list!) uses them to make something really fun. Just gather a few sticks and other basic materials and you’re good to go. Here’s the full list of what you need.

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Photo: The Imagination Tree

A super easy craft made using kid-safe homemade clay from flour, salt, and water. Decorate as you please, and have a hand print keepsake for years to come. Click here to get the instructions.

Foil Icicle Craft

Photo: Kid’s Craft Room

Kids will love making these fun and easy icicle crafts! Then, when they’re done, you they can help with the decorating by hanging them up on the tree or by stringing them into a garland. How fun! Click here to get the tutorial and materials list.

Candy Cane Reindeer

Photo: Spruce Eats

Not only are these a fun and easy to make craft, but they also make great tree decorations. Then, throughout the season, you can pluck one off for a treat. Get the materials list for these here!

Mason Jar Santa

Photo: How We Learn

A cute decoration you can make with up-cycled jars. You can then put in a kid-friendly battery candle to make a luminary, or fill them with treats if you want as a gift. Click here to see the instructions.

Reindeer Footprint Card

Photo: Emma Owl

With this craft, kids can make their own cards to give to family members. Plus, you get to stomp your feet in paint, and what kid wouldn’t love that!? Click here to get the instructions.

Do It Yourself Elf

Photo: Artsy Fartsy Momma

With this fun paper craft your kids can turn themselves into Santa’s #1 helper! It’s a lot of fun and everyone will get a kick out of it no matter what their age is. Click here to get the instructions and make your own!

Pom Pom Pinecone Ornaments

Photo: Red Ted Art

Using glue, pom poms, and pinecones, you can decorate your own mini tree using this craft. Easy to do and a ton of fun. Click here for the materials and instructions.

3D Paper Plate Christmas Trees

Photo: Pink Stripey Socks

Does your little one love to paint? If so, they’ll love decorating these 3D Christmas trees made from paper plates and toilet paper rolls. It’s a cheap and fun craft for everyone. Click here for the instructions.

DIY Snow Slime

Photo: ABCrafty

Kids love gross stuff. Who knows why, but they do! That’s why they’ll love this DIY snow slime. This non-toxic craft becomes a toy that they can smush and toss and play with long after you’re done making it. Click here for the materials and instructions.

Paint Scrape Christmas Trees

Photo: Hello Wonderful

Another fun, messy craft that gives you something that looks like it’s from Charlie Brown’s Christmas! This is an easy paint method for decorating but lots of fun for kids and adults too! Click here to get the instructions.

Spin Art Wreath

Photo: Life Your Way

This interesting craft uses a salad spinner to make the paint design – which is pretty cool! You can then decorate your paper plate wreath as you see fit. Click here for the instructions and materials.

Salt Dough Ornaments

Photo: Busy Blooming Joy

Who doesn’t love playing with clay? And this non-toxic, easy to make substitute is a great choice for making some DIY ornaments! Click here to learn how to make it.

Paper Plate Santa

Photo: No Time For Flashcards

The staple kid’s craft – stuff made from paper plates! Make these fun santa decorations and help your kids get into the holiday spirit. Click here for the materials list.

Stained Glass Window Ornaments

Photo: Simply Today Life

Cute window decor made from tissue paper that looks great in classrooms or at home! This is fun craft will keep everyone busy. Click here to get the instructions and material list.

Pipe Cleaner Garlands

Photo: Powerful Mothering

This easy pipe cleaner craft from Powerful Mothering allows the kids to help decorate! Use your pipe cleaner garlands on the tree or wherever else you’d like. Click here to see the original blog post and more ideas.

Foil Christmas Tree

Photo: Reading Confetti

These cute little foil Christmas are an easy Christmas craft to make with kids! They’ll love scrunching up the tin foil and decorating them. (I think they kind of look like the trees from Charlie Brown’s Christmas!) Click here for the materials list.

Toilet Paper Snowman

Photo: Red Ted Art

This cute craft using toilet paper rolls allows you to make some snowmen, and then use them for a bowling game when you’re done! Click here to get the materials list and instructions.

Christmas Tree Bottles

Photo: Stir The Wonder

Super easy craft using upcycled green plastic bottles and stick on ornaments. The examples uses some foam ones from Michaels, but you could use a variety of things to decorate. Click here for the original post.