Janome embroidery designs free download

Janome embroidery designs free download – download 100 free embroidery designs. All our of our free designs for machines come in JEF format for your Janome machine. You can download an unlimited number of designs, and we upload new designs each week. So, make sure to bookmark us and come back for more designs!!

Janome Embroidery Designs Free Download

Click on a design below to go to the download page, or click here to see the whole design library.

How to Use Our Free JEF Machine Embroidery Designs

Ready to get started with using embroidery designs you’ve found online? All of our JEF embroidery designs are ready to embroider as soon as you download them, no registration is required. However, you will need to complete a few steps before you’re ready to sew!

Find the design you want to use

To get started, browse our free download machine embroidery collection and find the design you need for your project. On each page you’ll find a short description of the design, the included file types, and the sizes which are included. Every design in our library includes PES, JEF, and DST file types.

PS. If you ever need to convert to a different embroidery machine file type for any reason, I’ve written an article which contains some free software you can use to do so. You can also resize your embroidery designs (up to a point) with these programs.

Download the embroidery file

Download the files is simple. There’s no need to register an account. On each design page you’ll see a green “download now” button. Click on that and your browser will begin downloading a zip file which contains the designs. This one file contains all sizes and file types for that design.

Unzip the embroidery download file

A zip file is a compressed version of a folder. When you compress a folder it makes it easier to share collections of files. However, before you can use those files again you need to unzip them! Here’s how to do that.

Find wherever you saved the downloaded file and right click on it. Select “extract all” from the menu that pops up. Choose where you want the extracted files to go and a folder should open up showing you the files that are inside. The folder is now unzipped and the files are ready to use.

Find the correct file format for your embroidery machine

Home use embroidery machine brands all use different file formats. For your Janome machine, you’ll need to locate the JEF file inside the folder. In case you were wondering, the PES file is for Brother machines, and the DST file is most common for commercial machines. However, there are plenty of home use machines that can use DST files as well.

Upload the design to your USB thumb drive

Once you’ve located the JEF file download, you need to transfer it to your USB drive. When you insert the thumb drive into the computer it should ask you what you want to do with it. Open up the drive and you’ll see a folder.

Find the JEF file in the appropriate size (if your chosen design has multiple sizes) and drag it into the USB stick’s folder. Your computer will begin copying that file to the USB stick for you. Once this process has finished, right click on the USB icon in the desktop tray and click “eject”. This helps to prevent data loss.

Move the design to your embroidery machine

The final step is to transfer the design to your machine. Remove the USB from your computer and inert it into your embroidery machine. Next, consult your manual for the specific instructions for transferring designs into the machine. Unfortunately, not all machines work the same way, but you can use this help guide from Janome to help you get your USB stick setup properly and begin transferring designs to the machine.