Cute Embroidery Designs For Nurses

Need to make a cute gift for your favorite healthcare hero? These adorable embroidery designs for nurses could be just the thing!

Where To Find Embroidery Designs For Nurses

Not every embroidery site has good designs for nurses, unfortunately! However, I’ve scoured the net to find the cutest nurse machine embroidery designs for your projects. Check out the below sites for some samples of designs I’ve found in my searches!

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is one of my favorite resources for free crafting materials, and they have TONS of cute embroidery designs for sale. They have over 50,000 embroidery designs in their library, and over 700 embroidery designs for nurses!! You can see a small sample below. Click here to see all the nurse designs.

They also frequently put their designs on sale, and you can sometimes get them for really, really cheap! Like, even as low as a dollar, which is awesome.

nurse machine embroidery designs

PS. Creative Fabrica is also unique, because they have an “all you can download” plan. For $4.99 a month you can download an unlimited amount of embroidery designs. It’s a pretty awesome deal. Check it out here.

embroidery designs for nurses has a number of cute nurse embroidery designs available for download. Their collection is twice as big as Creative Fabrica’s, and you can get some cute licensed designs here too like Betty Boop! My mom (previously a nurse) would definitely approve!

A lot of their designs are more expensive than Creative Fabrica, but they do have some cool stuff. Like this super cute free standing lace embroidery Christmas ornament that is a nurse angel!! Click here to see the designs.


Having trouble finding what you’re looking for at one of the big embroidery design sites? Try checking Etsy! If you’re not familiar with Etsy, it’s an online marketplace where artists and crafters sell their stuff online. However, Etsy also lets you sell digital files and there are tons of people selling their digitized embroidery designs on Etsy. This gives you access to a much bigger pool of creators and a greater variety of designs. Click here to see designs at Etsy.

nurse and medical embroidery designs

Swak Embroidery

ith machine embroidery designs for nurses

Looking for something a little more unique? Swak Embroidery has some really neat ITH (In The Hoop) embroidery projects aimed at nurses if you’re ready to give yourself a new challenge! These include a keychain, ID holder, FSL ornaments, and some other cool stuff. All of these would make fantastic gifts for your favorite nurse. Click here to check out these neat In The Hoop embroidery designs at Swak.

Ann The Gran

Ann The Gran has about 1,800 nurse and medical related designs available for download, and they have some pretty funny ones here! They even have some larger bulk packs of designs you can download if you prefer to get designs that way. Click here to see all of the nurse related designs they have.

healthcare machine embroidery designs for nurse

Grand Slam Designs

Grand Slam Designs also have a large number of funny nurse related designs. In total, they have around 449 nurse machine embroidery designs, however they seem to be a lot pricier than other sites! So, I’d probably only use them if I found one I really, really liked. In any case, I think you could get similar designs for less at most of the other sites on our list. Click here to see their available designs.

nurse embroidery designs

Okay, folks. That’s our list! I hope you found a design that works for your project, and by the way, Romney Ridge Farms & Crafts has our own free download embroidery machine patterns! You can always browse our library if you need to stock your crafting stash for free. : )

Happy Crafting!