Free Crochet Slipper Patterns For Adults

It’s time to get cozy with these easy and free crochet slipper patterns for adults! These stylish and fun crochet patterns will keep you comfy and warm all winter long.

Easy and Free Crochet Slipper Patterns For Adults

Converse Crochet Slipper Pattern

Looking for some awesome free crochet mens slipper patterns? Any guy would be thrilled to get these cool crochet Converse slippers as a holiday gift, and this pattern comes in 4 different sizes. You can make slippers in sizes 5/6 to men’s 10/12 with the included instructions!

1.5 Hours Easy Chunky Crochet Slippers Pattern

This quick and easy crochet project will only take you one and a half hours to complete! This tutorial offers a very cozy and easy crochet slipper pattern for women. This pattern comes in 8 different sizes, from 5 to 12, and includes both written and video instructions.

MukLuk No-Slip Boots Crochet Pattern

free crochet slipper patterns for adults
Photo: Make and Do Crew

This clever crochet pattern actually use the sole of a flip flop! This allows you to create a slipper boot with a non-slip sole on it. It’s a super cute and creative pattern that has some throwback 70s vibes, which I love! Click here to get the pattern and see the instructions on the creator’s website.

Chukka Crochet Slipper Boots

easy crochet slippers for adults
Photo: Make and Do Crew

Make and Do Crew has a number of great freebie crochet patterns, and I also wanted to include another of theirs in the list! This crochet slipper chukka boot is super cute and it also uses the flip flop sole! Click here to get the pattern for these slipper boots.

Pom Pom Slipper Crochet Pattern

easy pop pom crochet slipper pattern
Photo: Stitch 11

This pattern is rated as intermediate. It’s super cute and I love the pom poms! The creator says the pattern is one-size fits all, but some commenters say they run small as is though. So, keep that in mind! Click here to get the free pattern.

Slipper Socks Crochet Pattern

easy crochet slipper patterns for beginners
Photo: Lakeside Loops

Lakeside loop’s Watson slipper sock crochet pattern features a lovely waffle texture, and the pattern comes in 11 sizes, making it an easy and versatile crochet slipper pattern. The pattern is free and there is also an included video tutorial if you need more hands-on instructions. Click here to get the free pattern for this project.

Magic Slippers Crochet Pattern

crochet slippers patterns free easy one piece
Photo: Crochet Dreamz

This lovely and free slipper crochet pattern is even easier to make than it looks! You actually crochet a one-piece rectangle and then fold it over – hence the magic slippers name! It’s a great free crochet slipper pattern for beginners.

This pattern comes in multiple sizes and it includes a free video tutorial for visual learners. (I love those adorable button accents on them too!) Click here to get the free pattern.

Quick and Easy Crochet Slipper Pattern

This easy crochet slipper pattern is an excellent project for someone new to crochet! It’s simple but nice pattern that can be used with many different colors and designs depending on how you want to decorate them.

Felted Crochet Slippers

free felted crochet slipper pattern
Photo: Hobbii

These snuggly warm slipper boots are cute and comfy! It’s a free beginner crochet slipper pattern by Hobbii, who also sells the yarn to make this cute project. Click here to get the free pattern download and see their yarn selection!

Crochet Velvet Ballet Slippers

This cute crochet velvet ballet slippers pattern is available in many sizes! So, if you want to make some matching mommy daughter slippers – this project is a good candidate. The video instructions for this pattern are free, but if you’d like the written pattern you’ll need to buy it from the creator.

Throwback Crochet Fuzzy Slippers

free fuzzy slipper crochet pattern
Photo: Knitz and Purlz

These cute fuzzy throwback slippers look like the ones your grandma had! They also use a more durable t-shirt yarn for the bottoms to protect your hard work, which is a great idea. This is also a fairly easy project that will only take a couple hours to complete. Click here for the free pattern.

Men’s Chunky Crochet Slipper

free mens crochet slipper pattern
Photo: Yarnutopia

The guys need comfy slippers too! While the fuzzy granny slippers may not be the look, these chunky crochet slippers might be a better fit! This pattern is written for men’s 10/10.5 shoe size. If you need a different size you’ll need to adjust the measurements yourself. Click here to get this crochet pattern for free.

Crochet Day Spa Slipper Sandals

free sandal style crochet slipper pattern
Photo: Crochet Dreamz

This cute day spa inspired slipper pattern is a great design for lounging around at home in the warmer months. You can get this free crochet slipper pattern in four different sizes. Click here to get the free pattern.

Bear Feet Slippers

free bear crochet slipper sock pattern
Photo: Yarnspirations

These slipper socks are so cute and you can make a set for the whole family! This pattern comes in multiple sizes and it’s a great slipper design for anyone. Click here to download the free pattern.

Classic Crochet Slippers Pattern

Looking for a more classic crochet slipper design or perhaps something a little more gender-neutral? This pattern is easy to follow, and it’s a great pick if you’re looking for an easy crochet gift for a man. Or, anyone who’s not into the more feminine slipper designs!

Unicorn Crochet Slippers

free unicorn crochet slipper pattern
Photo: HanJan Crochet

Are you a fan of those ridiculously huge bunny slippers? Well, with this pattern you can make a unicorn version! This pattern is done in two pieces. You’ll make the slipper and the unicorn head separately before you attach them. Click here to get the free pattern!

Sheepy Crochet Slippers

free sheep animal crochet slipper pattern
Photo: Yarnspirations

These cute sleepy sheep are ready to keep your tootsies warm all season long! If you’re old enough to remember Captain Kangaroo, this freebie crochet pattern is definitely bringing some cozy nostalgia. Click here to get the free pattern.

Tuti Frutti Crochet Slippers

Looking for a more challenging and colorful pattern for your crochet sock project? This pattern is written for women’s size 7.5/8, so if you need a different size you’ll need to adjust it yourself.

Crochet Elf Boot Slippers

free christmas elf crochet slipper pattern
Photo: Pink Mambo

Looking for the perfect Christmas crochet project? These crochet elf boot slippers are the perfect attire for Santa’s helpers to get everything ready for Christmas morning. This pattern comes in both youth and adult sizes. Click here to get the free download.

Soccassins Crochet Slipper Pattern

free crochet slipper pattern moccassins

Looking for a pattern that’s a bit more advanced? This great looking “soccassins” pattern is perfect! There are many ways you can creatively customize this pattern to make something unique too. It’s a great way to grow your skills in crochet, and you can get the free pattern here.

Women’s Crochet Boat Slipper

free crochet slipper pattern boat shoes
Photo: Whistle and Ivy

This cute women’s style slipper is meant to look like a pair of Sperrys! They feature a double sole for extra comfort, and the creator has a matching pattern for baby shoes too. Click here to get the free pattern for these slippers.

That’s our list folks! I’ll work on keeping this post updated with new free crochet slipper patterns when I come across them, but hopefully you’ve found a pattern that you love. See you next time, and happy crafting!

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