25+ Free Small Crochet Animal Patterns to Download

Looking for some free small animal crochet patterns that won’t take you forever to make or cost you a small fortune in materials? These patterns are quick, with most being doable in a couple of hours. Difficulty for these crochet projects ranges from beginner to intermediate. Let’s get crafting!

Small Crochet Animals With Free Patterns

Guinea Pig Family

small crochet animals free patterns
Photo: Ravelery

These adorable guinea pig family features babies that are only 2.5 to 3 inches in length! It’s the perfect opportunity to use up yarn scraps that might otherwise go to waste with a larger pattern. You can get the baby guinea pig patter for free here, but the adult version is a paid pattern from the same creator.

Rudy The Reindeer

free crochet animal patterns for beginners
Photo: Tales of Twisted Fibers

Looking for an adorable Christmas crochet project? Rudy the Reindeer is a great mini crochet animal project that you can enjoy this holiday season! This pattern uses only basic stitches, and should be a pretty beginner friendly project. Click here to get the free pattern download and get started on your Christmas crafting!

Squish Octopus

free crochet pattern octopus
Photo: Sweet Softies

Looking for a quick and easy crochet project you can complete in 20 minutes? Why not give this adorable squish octopus a try! You can download the free pattern for this project here, and the creator even made some freebie matching gift tags if you want to give it as a Valentine’s craft gift!


free crochet pattern monkey
Photo: All About Ami

I love this cute little monkey! He has a posable tail and a little banana, and you can make him for free. The creator has included step-by-step pictures on her blog for you to follow along with, but if you want the condensed downloadable PDF you’ll have to buy it for $5. You can just use the blog instructions here though.

Ice Cream Snail

free crochet patterns snail
Photo:Furls Crochet

This is a cute little pattern of a snail with ice cream scoops for his shell! You can get the full instructions with tutorial for this project free at Furls Crochet.

Wallace and Wanda

free crochet pattern whale
Photo: Love Crafts

This cute duo of whales is an intermediate pattern for when you’re ready to level up your crochet skills! The patterns are similar, with one having spots. You can get the pattern for this crochet project free at love crafts.

Fuzzy Bat

free crochet pattern fuzzy bat
Photo: Jen Hayes Creations

Looking for a great Halloween craft project? This fuzzy bat would make a great DIY Halloween decoration! This project is marked “advanced beginner” but it shouldn’t be too challenging if you’re new to crochet! There’s also a non-fuzzy version which is a bit easier if you’re having a hard time! Click here to get the free step by step instructions for this crochet project.

Dumpling Kitty

free crochet pattern pocket kitty cat
Photo: Ravelry

This little crochet kitty is 4″ tall when completed, and it’s rated as easy to intermediate. This pattern is available for free at Ravelry, and the creator has even added a YouTube video to help you out! Click here to get the free pattern download.

Mini Pigs

free crochet pattern mini pigs
Photo: Furls Crochet

Another cute crochet pattern from Furls Crochet! These mini pigs are so cute, and there’s a step-by-stepy tutorial for them to follow. However, it seems to be on two pages. Part 1 of the tutorial is here, and part 2 of the tutorial is here!

Cocca the Hen

free crochet pattern mini chicken
Photo: Ravelry

This is a beginner friendly pattern that you can download for free at Ravelry. This cute little chicken is a great project if you’re fairly new to the world of crochet! Click here to get the free pattern for this project.

Sleepy Owl

free crochet pattern mini owl
Photo: AmiguruMEI

This cute little sleepy owl is a cute and easy crochet pattern for beginners! It should take you about 2 hours to complete this project and the material cost is also low since it’s only 3 inches tall when completed. Click here to get the free pattern and instructions.

Louie the Lion

free lion crochet pattern
Photo: Maris Kavos

I love this cute little lion crochet project! Look at his little toe beans!! This project comes with a step-by-step tutorial with lots of pictures and the creator also has additional tutorials if you’re new to crochet and need help with the basic stitches! Click here to see the instructions and more pictures.


free dragon and egg crochet pattern
Photo: Amiamour

This cute little pattern actually has two parts if you’d like! The first pattern is for this little dragon, but you can also make the creator’s second pattern as well. This pattern is for the egg and the dragon can actually fit inside it. Click here for the dragon pattern and here for accompanying egg pattern.


free mini panda crochet pattern
Photo: Ravelry

Need a tiny, cute crochet project? Give this little 3 inch panda a try! This project is beginner friendly, won’t take a lot of materials, and it’s a great practice crochet project if you’re not yet very experienced! Click here to get the free pattern at Ravelry.

Chinese New Year Dog

free chinese new year dog fuzzy crochet pattern
Photo: All About Ami

Looking for a pattern that’s a little more advanced and flashy? Check out this beautiful Chinese New Year dog pattern by All About Ami! This clever crochet pattern uses a dog slicker brush to create the “fuzzy effect”.


free baby fawn deer crochet pattern
Photo: Stella’s Yarn Universe

This adorable little fawn crochet pattern is an intermediate project, but in addition to the written pattern, the creator has also made a full video tutorial! So, if you’re looking for a visual aid for helping you learn crochet skills, this project is a great pick! Click here for the instructions and the video. (She also has a lot of similar free patterns you may enjoy as well, so be sure to check those out too!)

Scraps Cow

free cow scrap crochet pattern
Photo: Stringy Ding Ding

Looking for a free small crochet animal pattern to use up your yarn scraps? This little cow is only 3.5″ long and it’s an easy project you can make to use up your leftovers from other projects! Click here to get the free pattern for the mini cow.

Pocket Fox

free pocket fox crochet pattern
Photo: Spin A Yarn Crochet

Need a friend for your pocket? the pocket fox is 5.5″ tall and … fits in your pocket! You can make several different versions of this project to suit your tastes, and you can get the pattern for free here!


free spider crochet pattern for halloween
Photo: The Caffeinated Snail

Even if you’re not a fan of creepy crawlies, this cute spider will surely win you over! It’s a quick and easy project that’s great for spooky season home decorating or craft fairs! Click here to get the free pattern for this cutie.

Pumpkin Pie Turtle

free pumpkin pie turtle crochet pattern for fall
Photo: Crafty Kitty Crochet

If you like the ice cream snail pattern – you’re gonna love this pumpkin pie turtle pattern! What? Yes, it’s a turtle with a pumpkin pie for a shell, complete with a dollop of whipped cream on top! Click here to get this free Fall crochet pattern.

Pocket Otter

free pocket otter crochet pattern
Photo: Sweet Softies

Another lovely free crochet pattern from Pocket Softies! This cute little otter is 5″ long, and it’s a great quick and easy crochet project to sharpen your skills with. Click here to get the free pattern from their website.


free hedgehog crochet pattern
Photo: Yarnspirations

This little hedgehog from Yarnspirations is only 4″ long and should not take you too long to complete! Click here to get the free pattern.

Rocking Horse

free rocking horse crochet pattern
Photo: Lovely Craft

This little rocking horse would be so cute for a Christmas display! I love this little guy so much, and you can get the pattern for free here. This crochet pattern is approximately 5.9″ in size when finished.

Baby Penguin Ornament

free penguin christmas ornament crochet pattern
Photo: Khuccay

This cute penguin pattern is actually a Christmas ornament! You can make these up pretty quickly due to their small size too, making them a great choice for holiday craft gifting or craft fairs. Click here to get the free pattern for this Christmas ornament crochet project. (This one comes in four languages.)


This cute little dinosaur is a beginner friendly pattern that’s a great for those who are new to crochet, or people who just want a quick and easy project. There’s a free video for this pattern, but if you want the written version you’ll have to buy it from the creator.

Zip Zip Bunny

free bunny crochet pattern
Photo: Ravelry

This is a quick and easy project you can complete in about 2 hours. The bunny’s legs move and you can make it into a cute shelf decoration. Click here to get the free pattern from Ravelry.

Hopefully you’ve found a pattern that you love! I’ll try to keep this list updated and add more small crochet animals with free patterns when I come across them. Happy crafting everyone, and don’t forget to keep checking back for more crochet freebies!