Free Embroidery Font Downloads

Finding free embroidery font downloads can be a challenge. While there are plenty sites out there claiming to offer “free embroidery fonts”. Most of them are actually only giving you sample letters and not the whole font!

That’s why I’ve created this list of ACTUALLY free machine embroidery fonts. All of these fonts are verified as free to use, so enjoy, and I’ll try to update the list with new freebies when I can!

Free Embroidery Font Downloads

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica has lots of freebies but not many fonts and lettering designs. However, you can download this nice monogram design.

PS. If you’re looking for more free embroidery design, Creative Fabrica has over 1,000 freebies!! Click here to see all of the free machine embroidery designs they have.

Cindes Embroidery

Lots of great freebies at this site!! In the image you can see a small sample of the freebies, but they have lots more excellent holiday and other decorative fonts. Click here to see all of them.

Five Star Fonts

Five Star Fonts has several free fonts you can download in their freebies section. They even have an applique font for making your own appliques! Click here to see all of their freebies.

Embrilliance Fonts

Embrilliance has 3 free fonts you can download and use in their free Embrilliance Express software. This software allows you to view and convert BX files to the one you’ll need for your machine. Click here to get the font downloads.

Bunnycup Embroidery

Bunnycup has three free fonts but they are a bit difficult to find in the freebies section. Download Flores font here, Cheri font here, and countryside font here.

Sew Daily

Sew Daily has a little running stitch script font you can download for free as well! A nice touch for a subtle personalization or message for your projects. Click here to get the download file.


This one is less of a font and more of just letters for embellishment, but they have some really nice ones here. Including some letters for children’s designs and some very nice floral ones. Great for monogramming and personalizing gifts! Click here to see the free downloads.

GG Designs

GG Designs has this nice free Halloween embroidery font called ‘Scary’ you can download. (This site also has some very nice free applique designs if you’re interested in those too!) Click here to get the font.

Oma’s Place

Oma’s Place has a free BX font for download called “Anna”. It’s pretty nice, and you can get it here.

Kreative Kiwi

Kreative Kiwi has a lot of really great freebies, and they even have some nice fonts, alphabets, and monograms available for your projects. Click here to see all of their free designs.

Designs By JuJu

Designs by JuJu has a great freebie font called “Marker”. It’s a nice design for a lot of projects and comes in a variety of sizes. Click here to get this free font.

Lindee G Embroidery

A very cool “neon lights” embroidery font. This one is available for free, BUT only one size! The other sizes and the bundle are paid products. You can get the 1 inch size for $0 though. Click here to get the font.

Apex Embroidery

Apex has a “gift font” which might be nice for Christmas stockings, and it’s available for free. It’s a special gift for signing up for their newsletter. Click here to get the font.

Ink Stitch

If you’ve read my free embroidery program article, then you know about InkStitch. But, if you missed that one, InkStitch is a free embroidery digitizing software you can use to digitize images for embroidery.

However, it seems they also include a cool free font library! So, it’s a great place to get more free fonts and test drive some digitizing software at no charge. There are 40+ fonts here to play with! Click here to see all of the available fonts in Ink Stitch.

Okay, that’s our list folks!! I hope you found a font you can use for your projects, and I’ll continue to add more fonts to this list in the future and keep it updated when I can.

Happy crafting!