How Deep To Plant Potatoes?

Growing potatoes is an effective way to create valuable calories and nutrients if you’re looking to be more self-sufficient. But, sometimes it’s not as straight forward as people think. One of the most common questions is how deep should you plant your potatoes?

Plant potatoes in a 4 inch trench, covered with soil. Potatoes need to be “mounded” to protect them from the sun, and this should bring them up to around 6 inches in depth. As far as spacing goes, it’s okay to crowd potato plants!

Potatoes don’t mind close quarters and that means you can grow a lot more of them in smaller spaces than you could other plants. Just leave enough space for the potatoes to fan out under each plant and you’re good to go, around 10-12″ should do the trick here.

What About Growing In Containers?

If you’re growing potatoes in containers or buckets, it’s best to choose one which has at least 24 inches of height. This will give the plant plenty of space to fan out and produce tubers for you.

Make Sure The Soil Is Loose!

While it can be tempting to pat down the soil firmly in an effort to protect your tubers, this is not recommended. Potatoes grow best in loose soil, and if yours is too tightly compacted.. you could end up with tiny tubers.

If you’re growing in a bed in the ground make sure to sift the soil first and remove any hard debris like rocks or old roots, as these can produce misshapen potatoes or take up valuable growing space.

When Are My Potatoes Ready?

Generally, potatoes are ready in around 3 months time. However, it’s better to watch for the signs to know when to harvest. This includes checking the color of the leaves and looking for flowering activity to know when to harvest potatoes.