Cheap Embroidery Software For Digitizing Custom Designs

cheap embroidery software

Many people break open the box for their brand new embroidery machine, excited to start making their own custom designs and are surprised to find that this is not an included feature! Yes, embroidery software rarely comes with the machine and it can cost thousands of dollars to buy the best embroidery software.

This is simply out of the budget for most people, but fortunately, there ARE a couple of affordable programs out there!

Brother Stitch Express – $139

While there are lots of free embroidery digitizing software and affordable embroidery digitizing software out there, Stitch Express has a feature they don’t – Auto Digitize! If this is a feature you’re interested in, Stitch Express is one of the cheapest ways to get it at $139.

This software has mixed reviews, because a lot of people seem confused about how to use it. But if you’re patient you can digitize logos and other designs well enough and save a bundle over a pricier software. Click here to see this software’s features.

Embrilliance – $169 (For Level 1)

Embrilliance is an easy to use and affordable embroidery software package that comes in “levels”. You can start with the base level, which is level 1 for basic digitizing and upgrade all the way to “level 3” when you’re ready. Level 2, however, offers the best compromise between price and available features I think. Click here to see Embrilliance Level 1 features.

Embird – $149

Embird is an affordable embroidery software program. However, it’s not the easiest software out there to use. But if you’ve got more time than money – it’s a good pick.

Thanks to its affordable price there are plenty of tutorials online to help you learn. So, once you get over the learning curve – it can be a great software choice. Click here to see its features.