How To: Wilcom Truesizer Download Free

Truesizer was one of the few free embroidery software tools out there, but unfortunately, Wilcom discontinued support for it in 2020. This is likely because they want to push their new cloud embroidery tool, Wilcom Workspace, which, while cheap for embroidery software – it ain’t free.

Wilcom has also removed the ability to download Truesizer desktop from their site entirely, and if you’ve been there lately trying to find it – you likely left disappointed. The good news, though is once something is on the internet – it’s there for good.

A few web software download repositories have picked up the Truesizer software and it is still available. Though, annoyingly, many of them just re-direct to the Wilcom site! However, I did find one good download location left, (which you’ll find a link to below) that allows you to download the software directly.

Wilcom Truesizer Download Free

After testing a lot of sources, I’ve found that this repository has the working software. (I tried a lot of websites and many of them are fake or placeholder pages!)

What can you do with Wilcom Truesizer?

While it is not a embroidery digitizing program and you can’t use it to make pictures into embroidery designs, Wilcom Truesizer is still a useful piece of software. It’s easy to use, and it’s great for performing minor edits and corrections. Below you’ll find an overview of the features of this free embroidery software.

View a summary of your design

wilcom truesizer download free

This is good for previewing your designs if you get them digitized by someone else. You can check the thread colors, stops, embroidery stitches, and other useful information on this screen.

Change design file formats

TrueSizer allows you to quickly and easily change between embroidery machine file formats. So, if you’ve found a design somewhere, maybe one in our free download embroidery designs library that does not have a format for your machine, you can change it over to a file format that your machine can read.

To do this, click File in the top menu and scroll down to ‘Export Machine File. Then select the file type you need from the drop-down and hit save.

Wilcom Truesizer allows you to save files in any format you could ever want. Whether your embroidery machine is a commercial or home-use type, it’s here. The below screenshot shows a few of the selections, but they include DST, PES, JEF, EXP, DSZ, DSB, and more.

Preview Your Design Sew Out

Truesizer also has a nice sew-out preview feature which will not only allow you to preview the design, but it will also show you exactly how the design will run on the machine. This can be useful for catching mistakes. To access this feature hit Shift + R.

Using the controls in the above screenshot you can skip around to different parts of the sew-out demo. Skip forward to a color, move backward or forwards, adjust speed, auto-stop at color changes or trims, and more.

Save or Print PDF Production Work Sheets

If you are sending out files to clients you can also save production worksheets which give a small preview and all the information they’ll need to approve the final design or ask for changes.

To do this, select File from the top menu and click Print. You can then either print a hard copy of the worksheet or you can save it as a PDF for email deliveries.

Perform minor design edits

While Truesizer is not a full embroidery software suite, it does allow you to perform minor edits. You can do things like rotate and mirror. However, most other design editing functions, such as changing color palettes, are limited to the now-defunct Pro version.

Resize Designs

One of the few good editing features which does remain in the free version of Truesizer is the ability to resize designs. However, you should approach this with caution, because it can cause issues with the final product.

Your best shot at getting good results from resizing is by using the native embroidery software file format for Wilcom, which is EMB. The results of resizing are much smoother than if you try to resize a machine file type (PES, JEF, etc.) and you will be less limited.

This is because the native EMB files saves more information about the design than the machine file does, allowing it to make adjustments to the design which it could not with a PES or JEF file, for example.

To make an embroidery design bigger or smaller in Truesizer, just click and hold on to one of the nodules with your mouse. (Those little black squares in the picture.) You can then drag it to the appropriate size and see how it looks.