Best Machine Embroidery Thread Brands

Let’s talk thread! There are tons of thread brands out there, but using the wrong one can lead to a LOT of frustration. But, which thread brand should you choose? In this article, we’ll talk about the best thread brands, AND we’ll compare them to some budget brands. Are pricey threads really worth your money? Let’s find out!

Why does thread brand matter?

While it seems like one thread brand should be as good as any other – they’re not! Some machine embroidery thread is just superior, and if you spend your money on lesser threads, you could be in for a bad time.

Cheaper threads are more prone to breaking and fraying, which is not only frustrating, but it also leaves remnants in your machine that you’ll need to clean out eventually.

Best Machine Embroidery Thread Brands

Below you’ll find our list of the best machine embroidery thread brands. This list was based partly on personal preference, but mainly on responses from surveyed machine embroidery enthusiasts!

However, it’s important to realize that some embroidery machines just like certain thread brands better. It’s hard to explain why, but some people just claim certain thread brands run better in their machine. You won’t know if that’s the case for you, of course, until you try that brand.

So, I’d honestly purchase just a couple cones of each brand and test them out. This will allow you to find the best thread brand for YOUR machine, but anyway, on to the list!


If you ask fellow embroidery enthusiasts, Madeira will be the most recommended brand, hands down. That’s because they are very high in quality, preventing thread breaks and other issues that machine machine embroidery frustrating. They also have a large range of beautiful colors, and their color matches for different thread types are on point.

Madeira seems to have very consistent quality control, meaning that one thread spool or cone will achieve the same performance as the last one you use. This does not seem to be the case for many budget thread brands.


Isacord is a close second for embroidery enthusiasts. Especially if you need a color match that can’t be found with Madeira. Their color matching is phenomenal, and this high quality thread has a reputation for never shredding in your machine.


Floriani is on pretty equal ground with Isacord when it comes to surveyed embroidery enthusiasts. They have great vibrancy and a huge range of different colors to play with. Floriani also has a large range of specialty threads like metallics and variegated to add extra flair to your designs.


KingStar, while not as well known as the other thread brands on our list is exceptional in one category – metallic thread! Metallic threads are notoriously difficult to work with, but KingStar’s high-quality products make embroidering with metallic threads a dream come true.

Their threads are not only beautiful, but they are also highly-durable, preventing thread breaks and stitching out designs smoothly every time.

PS. Need some help working with metallic threads? Check out this article for help using metallics!

Premium vs Budget Thread Brands

It’s hard to ignore the cost savings found with budget thread brands, but are they really that much worse than premium threads? Well, as with most things, there are trade offs and the answer may be a bit more complicated than you’d like.

As I stated before, some machines just seem to work better with certain thread brands, and many people claim to use budget thread brands without issues, while others are plagued with breaks and frays.

But, the truth is, many people use these budget brands just fine, and there’s no issue with trying them out to see if they work for you. However, I would not buy a large pack of thread without testing it first.

Best Budget Machine Embroidery Thread Brands


Brothread is a generic thread brand that many people love. However, some machine embroidery enthusiasts have found this thread brand to have inconsistent quality control, with some spools breaking off and others stitching out just fine.

However, the price is definitely right here! So, if you want to give this brand a try and see how it runs, it’s a cost-effective experiment for sure. They have large bundles available for bargain prices and a fairly wide range of colors. Though not quite as extensive as some of the more premium brands like Madeira and Floriani.

Thread Nanny

If you’re looking for glow in the dark or metallic threads that come in at a significant discount compared to the pricier KingStar brand, Thread Nanny could be a good choice. They’re a decent and budget friendly alternative, however, you will definitely experience more thread breaks than you would going with the premium brand.


Similar to Brothread, Simthread is a budget machine embroidery thread brand that offers a decent but not extensive color range. However, they have most of the basic colors you’d want to use and they’re very affordable. When comparing Simthread vs Brothread they seem to be pretty similar, honestly.

Before you write off a thread brand…

Before you decide that a thread brand is unusable, consider adjusting your technique. There could be something off with your machine or process that is causing thread breaks or fraying! Learn more about troubleshooting your embroidery machine here.

In closing, there are a lot of great thread brands out there, and no, you don’t have to use an expensive brand! Many people have found success using cheaper brands. However, those brands are more prone to breaking, and investing in a higher-quality thread definitely saves you some headaches.