Free PES Embroidery Designs 4×4

Download all of our free pes embroidery designs in 4×4 size! Our design library has 100+ free machine embroidery designs in PES format to download, and you can download as many as you like! Don’t forget to bookmark our page so you can come back every week for more free embroidery designs for your machine.

Free PES Embroidery Designs 4×4

Download free 4×4 embroidery designs below by clicking on a design. This is a small sample of our free designs, as most of our 100+ free embroidery designs are available in 4×4. You can also use the tags in our free embroidery designs library to search for free machine embroidery designs for 4×4 hoop size.

Click on a design below to go to the download page, or click here to see the whole free designs library.

Need Help Using Your Free Designs?

If you’re new to download machine embroidery designs off the internet, this section will help you get started! All of our designs come in a handy zip file, so you’ll need to learn how to open this before you can transfer the designs to your machine. Here’s how to do it.

Find a design that you want to use

The first step is finding a design you want to use. Just click on one of the designs above, or on any of the designs in our free machine embroidery library. On each page, you’ll find a short description of the design, the included sizes, and which embroidery file formats are in the download.

All of our designs come with PES, JEF, and DST file formats included for your convenience. Need a different embroidery machine file format? Fortunately, switching to a different format is easy, and you can do it with free embroidery software too! You can also change the size of the embroidery designs up to about 20% in either direction.

Unzip the downloaded file

All of our designs come as a ZIP file. This is a compressed file that makes it easier to share multiple files at once. Inside you’ll find all the included sizes and file formats, but to use these you’ll need to unzip it first!

Go to wherever your downloaded the file (this is normally your downloads folder). Right click on the zipped folder and a menu should appear. Scroll down to “extract all” and click on it. When your computer asks where to extract the files, just click okay. A new folder should open and you’ll now have access to the unzipped files!

Find the file type for your machine

If you have a Brother or Babylock machine, you’ll want the PES file. If you have a Janome machine you’ll want the JEF file. DST is most commonly used for commercial machines, but there are home machines that can use it too.

Transfer the files to your USB stick

To get the free embroidery PES files on your machine you will need a USB stick. Plug your thumb drive into the computer and a little message should pop up asking what you want to do with the drive. Choose to open it and a folder for the drive will appear.

Drag your desired embroidery files into this new folder. Your computer will copy them here, and once its done you’ll be ready to take the designs over to your machine. Make sure to eject your USB to prevent data loss.

Note: If this is your first time transferring designs, be aware that you may need to go through some kind of formatting process first. This process will depend on the kind of embroidery machine you have, and you’ll need to consult your manual to find out if you need to do this.

Move the USB stick to your embroidery machine

Once the files are on the USB stick, it’s time to move them to the embroidery machine. The process for this differs slightly depending on what machine brand and model you own. So, if you have trouble you may need to consult your machine’s user manual to figure out how to do it properly. But, if you have a Janome machine, the instructions for transferring files is here.

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