7 Impossible to kill fruits and veggies for the beginning homesteader!

impossible to kill crops

Many people have dreams of becoming homesteaders, but unfortunately, the reality can be quite different. Many people pack up and move from the city only to find out that they can’t grow vegetables to save their life! That puts a major damper on your plans when you’re planning to become a farmer.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to give you 10 plants that are impossible to kill!


If you like eating squash, then you’re in luck. It’s nearly impossible to kill this plant, and it’s fruitful beyond belief. If you ever knew anybody on your street that grew squash in their garden you probably hated them growing up, because they gave your parents pounds and pounds of it to eat!

However, for the few that do like it, it’s a fantastic and easy to grow first timer crop. It’s also great to feed to animals, and if you need a little something that’s easy to grow to cut down on feed costs, then ducks, chickens, goats, and pigs will happily take some of it off your hands.

Cherry Tomoatoes

While larger tomatoes can sometimes be a little challenging for beginner gardens to get to full size, cherry tomatoes are easy! These delightful little snacks are perfect for salads or just munching, and if you plant a large enough plot of them they can fetch a nice price at farmers markets as well.


Peas are another delightfully easy to cultivate crop that people like a bit better than squash. You can can them, freeze them, or even toss them to your chickens if you’ve got more than you can handle. It’s also easy to use peas in a variety of tasty recipes from soups to stir frys, and this versatile vegetables could quickly become one of your favorites on the farm.

Jalapeno Peppers

Small peppers like these are surprisingly easy to cultivate, and they’re tasty with a lot of dishes. However, you can also make some money from them. It’s easy to grow small seedlings that you can sell at the farmer’s market to people who’d like to grow their own in their homes.


While this isn’t something that you can grow in a couple of months, if you get some young trees in the ground your first year, within a couple of years you’ll have more apples than you know what to do with. Once established, apples are hardy and they will produce fruit for you year after year.


These tasty veggies grow on twirling vines that will wrap their way around everything. Similar to peas, once you’ve got a good crop of them going they will continue to produce more and more beans until they darn near over run the garden! However, they’re also useful and versatile, going well with every meal. Plus, they’re easy to freeze or can and farm animals will gladly gobble up and extras you have.


Cucumbers are delicious on salads, pickled, or even just eating them alone, and they’re easy to grow! These tasty veggies grow like weeds, and it’s hard to mess this one up. So, if you’ve been discouraged by other gardening failures, growing some of these will give you a win and you’ll have tons of food to boot. Home made pickles are amazing, and your cucumber crop will provide more than enough to get started with canning.