FREE Fishing & Boating Machine Embroidery Designs! [PES, JEF, DST]

Do you know somebody that’s crazy about fishing? If so, maybe these free fish embroidery designs could help you to create the perfect gift for the angler in your life. They come in various sizes that would look good on towels, jackets, shirts, tackle bags, lunch bags, patches and more. Each design has PES, JEF, and DST files too – which should be great for the majority of machines, but if not, it’s easy to change them with free software.

Free Fish Embroidery Designs

Click on a design to go to the download page, or click here to view our whole free download machine embroider library.

PS. Don’t forget to check out our free embroidery design library for more designs. We’ve got 100+ free embroidery designs for you download for your machine embroidery projects!

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How to use these embroidery designs

Are you new to downloading machine embroidery designs off the internet? Here’s a little tutorial on how to get them ready for use in your embroidery machine!

Find the design you want to use

First, visit our free machine embroidery library and find a design you want to use! All the designs we upload come in PES, JEF, and DST formats, which should work for the majority of embroidery machine models out there. On each design page you’ll get a preview of the design and you can see which formats each download comes with.

Need a embroidery machine file format that’s not included? You can use free software to convert to the file type you need!

Download the embroidery file

All you need to do to download is click on the big green “download now” button. Once you do, your computer will start the ZIP file download! This one file contains all the file types and sizes for that machine embroidery pattern.

Unzip the embroidery designs

If you’re not familiar with ZIP files, this is a compressed folder that makes it easy to transfer multiple files at one time. However, you need UNZIP the file before you can use what’s inside!

Your computer already has the software you need to do this! Just right click on the ZIP file and scroll down to “extract all” in the little menu that pops up. The computer will ask where you want to extract the files to. Just click ‘extract’ and they’ll go to the same location the ZIP file is in!

A new folder should pop up, showing you the files inside. Your embroidery files are now ready for transfer!

Next, you’ll need to find the right file type for your embroidery machine! If you have a Janome machine, this is the JEF file. If you have a Brother machine, you’ll want the PES file.

Move the design to your USB

Plug your USB stick into the computer and a little message should pop up. Your computer will ask what you want to do with the drive. Choose to open it and a folder will appear.

Now, all you have to do is drag and drop your embroidery file to this new folder. Your machine will start automatically copying the files and once its done, you’re ready to move the files to the machine!

Move the USB to your embroidery machine

Right click on the drive icon in the tray and click on “eject”. (This step helps to make sure there is no data corruption when removing your USB drive!)

Once it’s ejected, you’re ready to move the USB to your machine, but the steps here may differ depending on your machine’s make and model. If you have trouble transferring the designs to the machine, you may need to consult your manual for help.

The instructions for transferring files to a Brother embroidery machine can be found here. Please be aware that if this is your first time transferring designs to your embroidery machine, the USB may need to be formatted before use.

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